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Infusaport removal

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9/23/13 I had ny port placed 12 years ago to receive chemo, CHOP. I have lymphoma, NHL, and the last time I needed it for treatment was 2012. I decided to have it removed, and read other testimonies how it was a breeze, and they were feeling so much "lighter" in their shoulder now. After the operation 3 days ago, my right chest/shoulder area feels so heavy and so much pressure. Im also in pain, even in walking it hurts. I couldn't lift my arm or cross it over to the left side. Today it's moving a little better with slow moves. Has anyone had this experience? Is it normal?

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Although, I am not a patient merely a caregiver. I would recommend you get clarification with your doctor about the pain. My personal opinion is that, your body is probably just responding to the change of having it removed. Throughout the past 12 years, your body has adapted to the foreign object placed into it. Try to think of when you first had it placed and the discomfort you felt? Maybe take a pain reliever and ice your right chest/shoulder area a bit for the next couple days (20 mins on/20 mins off). If the pain does not subside, I would definitely call your doc.

Hope you start to feel better!

And of course, Congrats on the removal :)

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thank you for your kindness.  It took weeks to feel better.The doctor said he thinks blood filled the place where the port was.  He hoped it would dissipate by itself, and it finally must have; feels OK now.  My NHL doctor is a top doc in NY, and he was always so neutral about getting it out.  When I went to have it removed, another, doc sd the mfg recommends getting them out after 7 years.  I hope this helps someone else. 


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From what you write, it looks like your port was occupying that void for over a decade. While a port is not very large, and sits just below the skin (attached to muscle with surgical thread, to keep it from moving around), when it comes out it leaves a void.  Mine was in less than a year, but took a month or more to fully heal.  My biopsy area (directly uder my armpit) took longer than that, and both filled with fluid and had to be drained.

Any surgical cutting hurts, and the surgeon had to go to the superior vena cava (the vein that the port is conncected to) to remove the cath. This requires stretching some tissue around.  It is normal to hurt or have a little discomfort . 

My port area still feels numb and "funny" at times, four years later.   My biopsy area stays numb most of the time. The doc said that getting to the biopsy node required cutting through nerve bundles, and that it may never feel "normal" again.

Give healing time and hope for the best.  But some discomfort an odd sensations may be permanent.


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