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Hi Everyone

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Hi Everyone. I am an oldie from the boards and thought that i would check in and let you know what is going on in my world. First of all my health is holding up and I am doing ok, still in remission ya, 2 more years and i will be 5 years out. My girl friend Wendy and I got married on the 8 th of this month so now i am an old married woman lol. we are trying to sale our house in yonkers and then we will be moving to Maine. For our friends on the west coast we are still planning a trip to the west coast so plan on looking a few of you up then


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and GRATZ!

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I came on board last year and am thrilled to read how far in remission you've come!  Gives positive hope.  Congrats on your recent marriage, and fingers crossed for a quick house sale, too.  Hugs to you both, Linda

New Flower
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Hi TJ,

Congratulations!! It's nice to see you and learn that you have been doing well.

 Do not forget to stop by Los Angeles. It will be great to meet in person


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So good to hear from you.  Brings back memories of the "band".  Congrats on the marriage.  Hope the house sells quickly and you can get relocated.  And best of all, happy to hear the good health news.  It's nice when our "old" gals check in and even better when they have good news to share.   You and I joined about the same time and I am also NED.   Enjoy your married life and your adventure in a new home.


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YOU are not too far from me (Dutchess County NY)


MAINE sounds great...


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Congrats on your marriage and your health...Are you moving to Maine for work or for the lobster tails? Good luck with your upcoming life changes...

Andi  :)

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A cyper based toast to health and happiness!

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Joined: Sep 2013

A cyper based toast to health and happiness!

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Glad you're doing well. Best wishes on the sell of your house.

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Hey there girl, nice to see you again.  Congrats on the wedding!  Laughing


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NICE ... congratulations on tying the knot with Wendie !!  Lots of Love and Happiness, I wish for the two of you.

Wonderful news regarding your 'remission' -- and staying healthy dear Friend.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam



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Congratulations on your marriage and the remission that is awesome.  Soon the both of you will start a new life in a new home for many futures annivarsaries



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Glad things are going well. I've hit my 10 year mark. Yay! 


My DH's great grandmother lived in Maine. We have camped there . Beautiful place !


May all go well for both of you. 





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