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Hodgkins lymphoma

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I have recently been rediagnosed with Hodgkins again I was originaly diagnosed 2 years ago and a very small area has re apeared.I am about to go through the ice program which leads to stem cell transplant and high dose chemo.I   am scared and worried and would like to heare from  anyone who has been through stem cell and  .I had concidered not doing it and just doing the ice and hope it does not return. I guess fear makes you think crazy sometimes .Please anyone who is a surviver of this and can help with my fears would be  nice. Thank you and good luck to all here Donna

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I am praying for you, I myself cannot comment on this therapy since mine was different but I am sure someone on here has been in those shoes....Stay Strong



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I have not relapsed since C.R. four years ago, but I did ask my doc what the protocol was if I ever did, and he told me exactly what you were advised -- ICE, followed by SCT.  I too would prefer to avoid the transplant portion if that is an option, but I did not ask that question. My doc has always said I had a very good chance of NEVER seeing the disease agoain, around 60% or higher.   I know the hyper-doses of ICE given pre-transplant requires hospitalization, at least at my treamnet facility.  Subjectively, I am of the impression that SCT is an easy, default option  for doctors, and it is also massively expensive, although unlike some, I do not feel most doctors bias their treatments based upon earnings. 

Please do update us with what you learn and what course you choose.  Please write if you learn of any clinically-approved alternatives to trasnsplant.


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