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New website offering help from those who have been there.

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In May of 2010 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  I have completed treatment, am fully recovered from the experience, and am cured.  My wife and I learned a great deal along the way that we are sharing through a web site we created.  It is called Stomach Cancer Survivor's Guide and can be found at: http://www.stomachcancersurvivorsguide.org

At this point the site only contains information we learned from our own experience.  However if there are others out there who would like to contribute ideas we strongly encourage them to share them with us.  Our hope is to provide useful information from people who have successfully survived this very challenging treatment to people who are at the beginning of this arduous journey.

We invite you to visit the Stomach Cancer Survivor's Guide web site at: http://www.stomachcancersurvivorsguide.org

Gary & Anne Olson

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When my husband was diagnosed stage IV stomach cancer, it's very scary. I had no information and didn't know what to expect.

Wishing more people benefit from visiting your web!

Best wishes,


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We are glad you found the web site useful and inspirational.

When we were going through treatment we were frustrated that there really wasn't any information available from people who have been through the experience.  The medical professionals knew a lot about their specialties, but there was a limit to what they could tell us about what to expect.

We hope the Stomach Cancer Survivor's Guide web site fills in some of the gaps in what people need to know about this intensely challenging experience.

Thank you for your positive comments.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anne and Gary

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