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PSA Drop

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PSA rose from 1.6 to 3.15 in a little less than two years.  Had biospy, 12 samples, one positive, one suspicious. On active surveilence.  My question my PSA had been steadly trending upward everytime until last blood test just 3 months after 3.15 it droped to 2.2.  Dr. did not indicate any reason other than tends to flucuate?  Not complaining, just wondering if someone else has had the same situation.  I am not on any medications for the cancer at present.

hopeful and opt...
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Since the PSA fluctuates due to various factors, it is considered an indicator only.Simple look at the trend over time. The result of the biopsy is the critical information.

Mine rose from 2.5 to 4.3 over a approximately a year and a half, and now has dropped to 3.8, about 7 months later. I do not pay too much attention to the PSA(especially when the P

SA number is lower)....Enjoy the good results.


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As usual you describe things so well.

Good post.

Best, VG

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Hi, Regarding PSA less than 4 is considered normal where I live in New Zealand.However don,t make the mistake I made which was that I was told my PSA was normal in 2004 and then again in 2007 so I considered myself bullet proof and didn,t have another test until 2010. Don,t just take the nurse comment that you are fine and nothing to worry about,get the figures.. My PSA was still a modest 5.8 but in the 3 years since 2007  to 2010 I ended up with a high grade cancer.Often low PSA numbers mean high grade cancer. So get it checked at least once a year or even every 6 months of you are concerned.The finger up the bum will tell you if you actually have cancer.

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