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Ran across this

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I don't know if this has been posted before but I thought it was interesting.


I am think my immune system is not the best.  I rarely get sick but I am on my 3rd cancer, melanoma 40 years ago, prostate 12 years ago and now scchn.  Although the melanoma which was a mole on the top of my foot is sort of an outlier.  When I was a kid the local shoe store had a machine that you could put your foot into with a shoe on and it would show an image of bones in your foot.  An x-ray no doubt and very dangerous. I would try out the device every time I walked by the store.  Hard to imagine these things existed, but it was the 50's and we all remember seeing pics of the military and scientists watching the A bomb tests like it was a sporting event.  Anyway I have been trying to boost my immune system by drinking very healthy smoothies made from Kale, beets, spinach, fruits, raw honey, chia seeds.  I also have been making and drinking water kefir which is a potent probiotic.  I cannot say if these things work but as far as I know they don't hurt.


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