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Pain is back because of neighbor's dog

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Hi, I need to vent. I am sooooooooooo mad.

I was out in the back yard with my LEASHED DOG (our city has a leash law). My dog is not big dog friendly and will attack if one approaches her (luckily there aren't any near enough to our yard... my poor dog has been attacked by three different dogs in two different cities...she does have a boyfriend down the road named Puggy, though).

There was a guy on a 3 wheeler talking to my neighbor in his backyard. He had a larger dog with him UNLEASHED. The dog started coming towards us. I immediately yelled my dog is not dog friendly and that he needed to come get his dog. He refused to get his fat arse off his 3 wheeler. The dog is in our yard, my dog got whiplash from charging his. Still refused to come get his dog. I am pulling on my dog's leash, the dog is pulling the other way, I am screaming and swearing cuz I am in pain by now. My nice neighbor, Fred, walks over to try and get the dog to go with him, dog refused. Dog is wandering all over my yard, I am screaming at the guy to come get his dog because I jsut had lung surgery and that I am in pain. I try walking my dog away but that dog follows.

They are putting in a new gas line, and they laid pipe at the edge of our yards in the back. The guy points to the pipes laying and says he can't get to me cuz of the pipe.

I yelled, "You got your fat a#$% on that three wheeler, get your fat a#$ off and walk over the pipe and get your expletive dog."

He FINALLy after about 5-10 minutes, SLOWLY and I mean SLOWLY drives his four wheeler down the gravel road, cuts across an opening into the open field next to us. He parks at the lot line and STILL refuses to get off his 3 wheeler. He is laughing think it is all funny. I yelled at him that his dog is not coming to him, he needs to get off his a#$ and drag the dog by the collar.

Finally, the nice neighbor got the dog to him.

I feel bad for the dog because it was beautiful and obviously very friendly, but if my dog bit that one, it would be my dog in the humane society on hold and could be labled as vicious. My dog could not make it emotionally in the pound over night.

So...I feel like somethign is pulled in my back by the incision.

And I called the cops on him. I shouldn't have had to do it, but his refusal to come get his dog, laugh, ignore my cries of pain and straight out telling him, I feel I had no choice.

I explained to the police officer that I was sorry for bothering him on a busy Friday night for a dog problem, but that the guy was negligent and irresponsible for letting his dog loose in my yard like that and refusing to get off his a#$ and get the dog. 

I explained to the police officer to make matters worse, I am recovering from a very serious and painful lung surgery and that the pulling from my dog has increased my pain that had been getting better.

The police officer brought up a point...should I have a serious injury to the area, I will need to get a civil attorney and sue. I am hoping it is nothing serious and will not require a doctor's visit, but at least I have a police report on file.

What an awful man to have such a beautiful, loving, friendly dog. Thinking about that poor dog just wanting to make friends with mine and being rejected like that breaks my heart.


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That guy is a big JERK.  What was wrong with your neighbor in not pushing him off his bike to retrieve his dog.  Why was his dog not on a leash?  

I am so very sorry that you have pain again.  



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I am so sorry that this caused you pain again.  What an idiot.  I hope they did fine him.   I agree with Doris that your neighbor should have been hollering at him to take care of his dog.  At least he tried to help.


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I am so sorry that this irresponsible pet owner has caused you so much added pain.  I think people should pass a "Responsible Pet Owner" test before they are allowed to own an animal.

I also think people should have to pass an "I'm Not an Ignorant Jerk With a Big Mouth" test before they are allowed to go out in public unsupervised.  His behavior was inexcusable.

I hope he got a very expensive ticket.  Maybe even enough to force him to sell his nice dog to a responsible person, and to sell his three wheeled toy as well.

I pray you get relief soon from your pain.


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So sorry you had to go through this. Did the owner get inn any trouble since NOT leashed and allowed on your property? I sure hope so!



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dog has been a pain in your butttttt for a long time.   Can you contact other neighbors and try to see if you can get this resolved without going to the City and filing a complaint.. 

Some folks should not be pet owners, or parents ---


Vicki Sam

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