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Herceptin OR herceptin and perjeta? Update

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My favorite, most trusted onc of 26 years mentioned that he wanted me to have herceptin and perjeta indefinitely after stopping taxotere. 

My new, local onc mentioned continuing only herceptin.  I told him other onc wanted both and he didn't see why.

Well I hate getting caught in these kinds of situations and felt really stuck in the middle.  Immediately tried to call my trusted onc, only to find out he was on extended medical leave (turns out he was in a bad car accident).  Finally reached him this past Tuesday and asked him how strongly he felt about me having herceptin alone vs herceptin + perjeta.  Of course, he said, "Very strongly."  I asked him to please call newer onc as I could not get in the middle and he agreed.  Only problem, other onc was out of town until Wednesday and chemo was Thursday. 

I stayed up all night Wednesday being a worry wart about this.  I called early Thursday morning and the local onc's nurse told me both drugs were ordered and not to worry.

As much as I am relieved to be on the protocol my trusted onc wants, perjeta is the drug that I always have a reaction to.  I always, alway get flushed and nauseated immediately.  My onc nurses have been great about working with me and trying different meds, slowing infusion, etc, but it always happens: immediate flushing and nausea.  This time Danny said I looked grey and had bad chills (no fever).  Had to be covered with my fleece and 4 prewarmed blankets and was still cold.  More ativan and finally slept it off.

Today, it is all gone--just a little nausea being handled with zofran

Too bad I couldn't skip the perjeta...Lol.  Well, if the perjeta beats back the beast, we know it is all worth it! 

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I am also on Herceptin and perjeta along with xeloda ( pill chemo ) I don't react like you do though. I'm sorry you are having a hard time with it. My Dr told me that the perjeta makes the others work better. Gets them deeper into cancer tumors to kill them. I'm not real sure why I am on both when I am in remission but I will do what ever it takes to fight this beast.

You have been a real insperation to me. You are one strongh lady. Thank you

Take care darlin


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Sending positive thoughs and hope your doctors will find concensus. It is always an educated guess 

Keep fighting


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I am so happy that you are in remission.



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It is to bad Eileen that they couldn't knock you out for the drug and when you wake up, your better.  It is about keeping the horrible cancer back and since it seems to be working, I guess the warm blankets, fleece should be ready.

I wish it didn't give you the reaction your getting.

Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts that your body will adapt to perjeta in time and it will be better.




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Back on Herceptin, new to Perjeta, also still on Abraxane.  Have to get Decadron premedication before Herceptin.  First time I got Herceptin years ago, while in hospital, got chills, fever, lips turned blue, needed oxygen; felt like I was wearing only a nightgown and slippers standing on a glacier.  Thought I was dying.  Have been on and off Herceptin over the years because of the effect it has on the ejection fracion in my heart.  It helps fight the two breast cancer tumors I had that were HER-2 neu positive.  One tumor was estrogen-progesterone positive, one was er/pr negative on chemo drug Abraxane.  Herceptin gets my blood tumor markers back down; been on and off treatment 10 years.  Also had Padjets cancer of the nipple.  I have had cancers come and go in various bones and lypmhatic system of my lungs.  Recent Pet Scan showed small cancer in my right hip so we're back on Herceptin and Prejeta was added, staying on on Abraxane for now although it weaked muscles in left hand.. 

I am on Perjeta to fight HER-3.  Anyway, I had no reaction to the Perjeta.  Could it be the Decadron premedication for the Herceptin prevented the Perjeta reaction?  Just a thought.  I hope you are doing well now.

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