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Fallopian Tube Cancer Chemo Question

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Ive been diagnosed with stage 3A fallopian tube cancer (serous carcinoma)...the doctors follow the same regimen as epithelial ovarian cancer...I can get platinum based treatment via IV or IP (intraperitoneal)...my question is does anyone recommend IV over IP, or vice versa? Ive been told that IP has better success rate but much more toxic and difficult then IV. Please any advice would help I must make a decision soon. Thanks for the help

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I could not do ip chemo because the surgeon could not remove a lot of the tumor on my colon. I for sure would have chosen to do it as it is supposed to give you a better chance of a longer remission. If you go on the Ovarian Cancer Board you will find more info there.Sorry you had to join us,I hope this helps.


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