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Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Throat)

Barb Henry
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I am terminal and already outlived Dr. giving me July-Aug to die.  I'm still on my feet, but not every day.  I had 3 really bad weeks and then 2 very good weeks.  Always weak and tired, but exercise legs every day on my adult tricycle.

Please pass this on>  My Dr. gave me what is called Magic Mouthwash and it has made all the difference in eating and swallowing.  It numbs your throat.The pharmacy mixes what your Dr. prescribes but make sure it has lidocaine in it.  Mine is NYSTAT/Diphen/maalox/lidocaine.  My best friend got it for her esohageal cancer.  We are both eating and they took her feeding tube out as she can eat now.  Also we make use of many different types of sauces and syrups so we don't get tired of the same foods.  I love coconut so I bought Pina Colada Mix (no alcohol in it) and use it for waffles, pudding, ice cream topping, and on my oatmeal as well as French Toast.  Meat can be tricky especially hamburger as it gets caught up amongst all the tumors in my throat (9 of them).  I also have 5 tumors in thyroid, in lymph nodes, and in lungs.  I'm not afraid of dying at all.  I'm using pain patches and they are taking care of the pain and allowing me to live pretty normal.  No side effects at all....just from the cancer itself...like being weak and tired.  Hope this helps someone. 


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Barb Henry,

Welcome to the H&N forum, I am deeply sorry for the position you are in.

I was stage IVa, scc, bot, hpv+ (surgery, rads & Erbitux).  I too am a big proponent of Magic Mouth Wash.  I put away 6 bottles of the stuff.

Sounds like you have come up with a variety of things to eat.  The difficulty in eating plagues most of us at one time or another.

I am glad you are comfortable and hope you keep on living strong.


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Sorry to hear of your situation but glad you found us here for support. I am a year and a half out of treatment and still use magic mouthwash occasionally. It even seems to help my dry mouth. I am a huge supporter of pancakes with plenty of syrup :-) Skiffin will likely be on here shortly talking up his peaches too. What part of the country do you live in? Have you looked into any clinical trials? I only ask because my cousin had mets melanoma to lungs and liver and was told to get his affairs in order. He went through a clinical trial with Interluken II. The treatment itself was life threatening but he has been clean of cancer the last 8 years. I realize it is a different cancer. I had SCC of my lower jaw and just suffered a recurrance after 1 1/2 years in my carotid cavity. I did not get the hope and optimism I needed in St Louis so traveled to the Mayo Clinic and finished treatment there last Friday. I will not know if the tumor shrunk or dissolved for 3 months but I have hope and 80% chance of success.  I'm sure some will post that have been dealing with head & neck mets to lungs.  

God bless,


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Sorry for your situation, definitey sounds as you have been through the wringer... LOL, most of us are well versed on the beifits of magic mouthwash...an excellent source of relief.

The peaches comment was that I frequently ate a few sliced peaches in light syrup while going through treatment and only drinking Ensure. The peaches were to keep those swallow muscles working, it would stink to go through all of that treatment then not be abke to swallow...

Again, welcome,


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Hi Barb, I am sorry to know what you have been going thru.  God is in control for now

and I will keep praying for you.  GBU.

josh r.
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Hi Barb,

You've proved them wrong by being strong into September. We're here for you as you keep up the battle with such class and courage. Thanks and God bless, josh r.

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