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Not a survivor yet... But soon

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i live in KY and I know that we have a great cancer center here, but the more I research my particular cancer DFSP, I wonder if I should stay here and just trust the doctors here (they want to do a wide local excision) or if I should continue to research the MOHs surgery. It's located on the space on my breast where your underwire would hit. I'd appreciate any input especially because it is so rare and there doesn't seem to be a lot of reading/research material so again, I'd appreciate any input especially from survivors of this particular cancer...

thank you so much!!

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With any rare tumor type, you want it treated by people with experience in that cancer.  You may have to travel, but you need the best to give you the best odds.

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hi pennylane :) 

i had diagnosed by cancer too...my type of cancer is malignant glomus tumor....cancer is cancer what type they are :)it's our thougth times to face this situation..is'n it?? but lets fighting together... i had finished my treatment...i get radiotherapy not chemo...but i'm still under going treatment....let's be survivor :) 
God bless us all the time :)

big hug from indonesian :*

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