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GBM stage 4

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MY husband was diagnosed 10/24/12 treatment radiation Temador  after last dosage 18 day later Saw some

 symptoms, MRI confirmed its back Now we are waiting to go into a study.

Has anyone had it come back so soon?

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My daughter's tumor came back 7 months after being diagnosed.  She did not have the gene that told us that temador would work well, but it still was a shock.  She has had her second Gamma Knife radiation and the onLY drug left was Avastin.  She has had two rounds of the Avastin, but her quality of life went down hill. Tomorrow we go to check her blood levels from the last treatment.  I hope the treatment your husband receives will be of great success. My prayers are with him and every other person who has this disease and their family.  Always remember each person is different so never compare yourself.

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last December my mom was diagnosed with GBM stage 4.

having lost my boyfriend's father in August 2012, news of yet another loved one, my own mother's cancer seemed surreal.

i never told her enough that i loved her, that i was so proud of her, and that she was the most incredible mother in the world.

she passed away on the 01/08/2013.

Time is so precious, and so fragile when someone you love is sick with such a cruel and life sapping illnhess like cancer.

30mins prior to her death i did not know she was going to be gone, i didnt know that that morning would be her last, that i would never feel the warmth of her embrace, or the comfort of her words again.

but i am not here to tell you how she died. i want to tell you how she lived. from the moment she was diagnosed she had the most incredible optimism. we celebrated Christmas early that year, in her hospital room. And despite being terrified of going in for her op the next morning she was cheerful and positive, comforting US, we who were healthy. They removed 90% of the tumour. They gave her a prognosis of 6months to 2 years.

despite the doctors telling her she would  not be able to talk normally again, have use of the left side of her body, walk, or ever return to work...she did... she did all those things. she was positive and able to bounce back


despite the good news, she passed away. but as i said earlier, thats not why i chose to wrtite this, the focus isnt on her death, its on her life.



her story isnt a sad one, its a good one, a strong one, she ran a good race, she fought a good fight. and she finished well, she finished strong.


i hope and truly wish every single one of you who are suffering with this disease the best of health and i pray that your lives be touched. and if you have a loved one who is ill. tell them you love them. tell them that as many times as you can, spend as much time with them as you can. time is so precious. so short.

we will never feel like we had enough time with our loved onhes. all we have is now. make it count.



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