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Has anyone had any luck losing weight on Femara?.  I have gained 20 pounds and was already overweight before that.

I am now having trouble with my arthritic knees, having tried Supartz injections and now back on steroids.  Dr. says of course if I could even lose 10 pounds it would be a great help.  I've tried in the past with no succes, even only eating 2 meals a day.  I don't want to have knee replacement surgery. 

Any advise  or is it an impossible task ?




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I also have gained weight on Femara and have not been too successful with losing it. I have found that yoga has helped me with the assorted aches and pains and they say it helps with weight loss...so far only a couple of pounds, but, I'll take it.  Be well.

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I've been on Femara/letrozole since 2/2010. For me - gaining weight has not been a problem at all - I've lost weight.  But - I am a very active 'outdoor woman' and it sounds like you might not be able to do what I do.  Have you looked into bicycling, either on a 'moveing bike' or a stationary one? Starting slow and easy at first of course.  Walking?  Swimming/Water exercise as it minimizes stress on joints?

Are you sure it's not the steroids that are causing the gain?  Steroids definately can cause gain.

Eating only 2 meals a day is not the way to loose weight - more SMALL meals is much better.  Perhaps you could see a dietitian/nutritionalist for input.  From what I know when food is drastically cut back, the body 'thinks' its starving and cuts back on using the reserves it has.  (Mom was aneorxic so I learned a lot about self starvation years ago and how the body reacts topreserve itself with drastically decreased intake.) Wish I had better answers for you.

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