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How are you doing? I havent see you in awhile.

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Wishing you well.  Always love your posts and miss you. 


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He posted on FB today. Still having issues with Colitis due to longterm chemo. I hope the docs can get this somewhat under control. He's been in constant battle for as long as I've known him here Frown

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He is doing ok overall - just having some rough times with treatment.  My son is backpacking Europe for 3 weeks before starting classes in Caen, France.  He flew into Madrid and went to Barcelona next.  Pepe took him to dinner and gave him pointers on traveling the area.  Funny that my son got to meet him first.  ;)  We've been trying to coordinate when we travel to Mexico (we have friends and favorite places in common there), but we are never there at the same time...  It was very nice of him to meet up with my son.

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the colitis and resting a bit of all this horror , but as you se I follow the board and will post more often very soon.
Big hug to you ladies!

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I was wondering why i haven't seen posts from you. I do miss your weekly post asking what everyone will be doing over the weekend. Hope you feel like doing it soon! Prayers that you feel better!



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Glad to hear from you I always read your weekend plans. 



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Hey Pepe,

I hope that you're feeling better soon.  I miss seeing you out here, you always brighten my day with your posts.

Miss ya,


Cathleen Mary
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Miss you, Pepe.

Cathleen Mary

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Hoping things are better now!




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Great to hear from you and thank you, ketziah35 for seeking him out.  Pepe, I'm so sorry you're dealing with colitis.  I hope you can get some relief and solutions soon! 

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