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Beginning to feel more energetic and hopeful!

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Finished taxotere and neulasta.  I was scared to death of the final round as I suffered a flu-like syndrome last round with a fever for 14 days and extreme, extreme weakness.

Turns out I was also severely hypothyroid (test 10X below normal).  I have had thyroid issues since 1984 and my thyroid was stable (on meds) for 20+ years.  Since the mets in 2005, my thyroid has been really all over the map.  I had wondered why, since I wasn't eating much, my weight was always the same. 

The endocrinologist thinks my meds are interfering with absorption.  I am trying tirosint, a liquid levothyroxine in a capsule.   She thinks that may help.  I have been getting up at 5 to make sure that I take it on a completely empty stomach.  Then I go back to bed for a couple of hours.

I believe it is working as I am getting so much stronger!!!!  I am beyond aggravated that I suffered so much extreme fatigue and it may not have all been chemo.  I have lost 10 lbs in one week.  I have no idea what my "real weight" will end being since I still don't have much appetite.

Every day is getting a little better!  Now if I could just get over this stinking nausea.  And I wonder when food will appeal again? 

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P.S. I really fussed at my endocrinologist and told her I believed I needed to be followed more closely.  She has agreed to test me Q 2 months.  I am not going to suffer with something that should be treatable!

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Hugs, kathi

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Even better now that chemo is done! Now you can get back to living Your way...
Hugs, Carol

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Yeah that you are feeling better. So glad for you that you are finished with chemo and those neulasta shots.  I'm having thyroid issues too, working with mineral metabolism doc to figure out why my parathyroid levels are so sky high.

Hoping that you gain strength every day.


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Well, I am not totally done with chemo (I wish).  I will either be on herceptin alone or herceptin/perjeta combo indefinitely.  One onc says just herceptin, but my onc of 26 years says combo so I need to call him. 

If I use newer onc and have chemo at the hospital where I work, I pay nothing right now because I have met my out of pocket deductible and I get a discount.

But I will talk to my favorite onc and see what he says and, if he feels strongly, whether he will talk to new onc.  He knows new onc well as he treats his mom.

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Great to hear good news from you kiddo. Keep on keeping on

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I told my onc they should  bottle the part that makes you not want to eat in chemo. he is a harvard geek and rattled off the chemical that gets turned off. I lost a lot of weight, and just wast that into eating. It took a while but now its noproblem. so glad its your last one and this one seems better. Interesting I had a fever and rash with taxol. I recied it for 12 weeks.

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Glad day by day you are feeling better...slow but sure...


HAPPY for you


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Glad to hear your feeling more energetic...It shows in your picture that you must feel better - you look great!!! (love your garden in the background)...


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So happy for you.



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You've gone through enough.  Looking forward with youSmile  Linda

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I am glad that every day is getting better, and good for you.  I love that you are advocating for yourself!


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Glad you got to the bottom of that fatigue and are feeling better.  Like I just told Doris, if it's not one thing, it's 3 others!

Meanwhile, we just smile and carry on!

Hugs, Renee

P.S.  Hope the food aversion gets better--I think that was the thing that bugged me the most.  I get great comfort in good food!

New Flower
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Progress is always sounds wonderful. Please take care of yourself, after 8 cycles it will take time to feel normal again. Please try not to do too much, be gentle to your body. Strong regiment needs time to recovery.

Hugs to you

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I am so happy to hear this news ..  I am sure you feel a sense of accomplishment, as well as seeing brighter and healthier days ahead.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam


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You WILL feel better.  I am eleven months from when I finished my initial battle -- surgery (bi), chemo, and rads.  I went back to work full time (school) the middle of last October.  This summer I was able to be part of a group that went to Alaska for two weeks to help with a building project.  (I helped to meal prep for a group of 12-20.)  My husband worked with the building crew.  Today I just returned from visiting family in a different state.  I also did this in Apil -- went by myself by car.  That trip is about 375 miles or so.

It really IS exciting when you see yourself beginning to do again things you did before all of this stuff happened.  Not sure about you, but I am not 100% of what I used to be -- but I am maybe as close as I will ever be. 

Hang in there.

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