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The lastest on Dawne

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I am confused and very frustrated! Dawne was told she would be in the hospital at least a week. She was told how dangerous this was, and then they send her home today. I really don't get it and don't think Dawne does either. She is giving herself injections in the stomach for at least 3 months with the hope of dissolving the clot. She is just worn out physically and emotionally right now. Dawne is swollen and tired and feels awful. I know we don't always agree with Drs but our oncologist is really good. I just don't understand this approach. Thank you all so very much for the prayers and kind words and thoughts. I pray Dawne will feel like getting on here in a few days and reading them all. Please keep the prayers coming. Thank you all so much. God Bless you all

                                      (((hugs))) Janice

New Flower
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My thoughts are with Dawne

i am not a doctor, however I thought they we're going to surgically remove the clot. Hopefully she will see improvement and feel better. Sending positive thoughts her way hugs 

Mew Flower

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Still lifiting her up....God is able!

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My prayers and love are with her.  God bless you, Dawne.


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Kristin N
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Sending more prayers for Dawne!  Thanks Janice! 

Sue :(

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Christmas Girl
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I had thought there was a real possibility the clot would be removed surgically? Is there a vascular specialist involved - I would think so?

Sending continued hopes Dawne's way.

Kind regards, Susan

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This is scary and I am so sorry. Sending prayers to Dawne too.


Lynne P
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Yes, I will pray for Dawne! 

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Thank you all, yes indeed Doe1504. God is able!! Dawne has a strong faith to lean on! Sorry I have already forgot who ask about the vascular specialist. I am not positive on that, I am assuming there is. Dawne has mentioned doctors so I have taken it that several are treating her. I will have to ask later. I appreciate all of you so very much. I will update when I know more. God Bless you all

                                         (((hugs))) Janice

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It is so nice of you to keep us posted.  We are all praying for Dawne.  Linda

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Double Whammy
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here and assume the clot is responding to the medicines and she's past the point of extreme danger so she can be managed as an outpatient and not need surgery ?????   Obviously, I know absolutely nothing, but her release from the hospital early may be the answer to our prayers if she's responding to treatment.  Please let us know when/if you learn more because this really does sound scarey.  In the meantime, I'll send along my hopes and prayers that she recovers from this latest crisis.



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I am definitely trying to see the positive here too Suzanne. Dawne saw her oncologist this morning and is getting her regular scheduled chemo. The Dr said she is comfortable with Dawne being home and giving the shots. It is a serious situation but the clot will just take a while to dissolve. Dawne is still in pain and feeling bad. I am praying the chemo doesnt make it to awful for her. I will update as I know more. Thank you all and God Bless

                                               (((hugs))) Janice

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Prayers going up on Dawne's behalf for her recovery and strength. God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. We trust in Him for restoring Dawne's health.

Lynn Smith
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A blood clot in the jugular vein is very very serious.I can't understand why they sent her home. I guess this is the way insurance does anymore and sometimes doctors dont have a choice.

That wasn't long at all to be in the hospital.If it was me I would feel my life was in jeopardy and I'm sure Dawne feels the same way.

Praying for her.

Lynn Smith   

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