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Could it be....?

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I am going in on the 28th for a biopsy.  Here are my symptoms.  Swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck (have been swollen since Dec 2012), they didn't hurt until about 2 months ago.  Now it's an aching hurt all the time.  Headaches, night sweats, extreme fatigue, get winded very easily, coughing, unexplained itching on my feet and up my legs.  I now feel as if my body is achy all the time.  Kind of like when you've been in bed too long and slept all day achy.  Anyone else with these symptoms?

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  As you already know these are classic signs of Lymphoma or else you wouldn't be here today asking these questions. The only way to be sure is to have it checked out with all the test. I certainly hope it is not Lymphoma, but the only way to be sure is the test. I wish you all the luck in the world.  John

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HI Kristie,

This time last year, I went through 5 various dental specialists, an ENT and a neurologist for what originated as me thinking I had a cavity.  Pain got more intense and I had golf ball size swelling in my neck...after months and months.  MRI suggested an infection, so that's a possibility for you.  Biopsy for me came back with Diffuse Large B Cell.  Get the biopsy, best of luck.  I certainly hope it's negative.  Please keep us updated.  All the best.


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Hi Kristie and welcome to the group...

 From what you've described, getting the biopsy certainly sounds like a good start at figuring out what is going on. I had a swollen node on my groin and another on my neck. I had no pain nor any other symptoms like you are having. I had 4 tests before being diagnosed...Ultra sound twice, CT scan, biopsy of the groin node, and lastly a bone marrow biopsy. My diagnosis... Follicular NHL-stg3-grd2-typA. Tests absolutely need to be done in order to be diagnosed correctly. Good luck with your biopsy and please share back what you find out. We are always here to help. Best wishes...Sue (age 62) In remission.

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Thank you all for replying.  I am going the 21st to preregister and they'll remove them the 28th.  I want answers as to why I feel so awful.  I'll keep ya'll posted.  I'm 36 and have never smoked or done any drugs and rarely drink alcohol.  I try to eat pretty healthy and don't drink soda.  Mainly black coffee, water and unsweetened tea.

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Good luck with the biopsy Kristie.  I truly hope that everything comes back negative and that it's just an infection.  But, if you do have to come back, know that this is a fabulous board with lots of love and support.


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Hello Kristie:

I have B cell Lymphoma, non-Hodgkins.  My Internist did a blood test in Jan., 2012 and found white cells high.  She sent me to an Encologist.  He ordered:  CT-Scan, PT-Scan,  and finally a Bone Marrow test, and other blood tests.  Was diagnosed in May, 2012.    I started in May 2012 with Rituxin infusions,  one day each week, four weeks in a row.   Every six months for two years.  Thus far am doing well.  The last Rituxin set of infusions will be in November of this year.  Then the doctor will decide what comes next.

I had no clue that anything was wrong.   Felt OK.  No apparent lumps.

So, by all means get tests and be sure to have a very good encologist.

Keep in touch with the Board.


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I am so sorry that you are having all these symptoms and that you feel so bad. Has your doctor offered any treatments for you for the short term, to help you be more comfortable while waiting for all the testing to be completed? I was given an inhaler to help with my breathing, a pain pill for aches and fever, also something for anxiety, which really helped me sleep at night. I didn't have the itching, but I would ask the doctor about temporary relief for that too.  The 28th is a long time to wait, in pain and discomfort, for tests to be done.

I wish you all the best. Keep us posted, OK?

Prayers and (((hugs)))



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Thank you Rocquie. My Dr hasn't offered anything. Only thing that has been done is me given antibiotics to make sure it wasn't some form of infection. Most food these days tastes funny so I just pick at it and my body feels like I've been in bed sleeping for a week. That's the only way I know to describe the pain. I'll update once I have results. 

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My husband has Mantle cell lymphoma and has been in remission over 1 1/2 years.  As the group has said you have to wait what will seem like an eternity for answers, so I know you are very worried and upset.  Please know that lymphoma symptoms are very dramatic and  debilitating, but that is all they are is symptoms.  Try to keep that in mind until you know and try not to get too unnnerved.  If they do get worse, let the doctor know.  Hopefully he will speed things up for yours and his reassurance.  In the meantime please know that even if it is lymphoma, it is so treatable and responsive immediately to treatment in most all cases.  Bill had severe night sweats too so I know how scary that can be.  As others have said, we are here and you can write whenever, and how often you want too, we can support, comfort and guide you along, so you will not be alone.

Hang in there sweetie, Becky

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