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Would Like to Have the PINK BUS Today!

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Today is the day for my ct scan.  I have had so many ct scans and other scans over the years.  I can do this alone.

Tomorrow, I will go to Medical Records to pick up the result of my scan.  I have gone to this place for  over 10 years and know the ladies in this department and they know me.  The area once was my children's pediatricians offices. 

I always call first to make certain that the radiologist has read it and dictacted his findings. That the transcriber has done her job and the results are in Medical Records.  One of the ladies will hand me the envelope with the results inside.  I leave and go to my car.  I never read the results in front of them.

It is there that I would like to feel the present of the Pink Bus ladies.  

The scan is of my lungs and pleura along with those ribs, to see if Taxol is working.  I am wheezing again, have shortness of breath and sometimes cough.  I am not expecting a good scan.  However, I had started a news pill back in July.  Wheezing was listed as side effect.  I am hoping for a miracle that the pill Provigil is the culprit which I stop using last week.  Otherwise if the tumors are growing or an effusion is present, I will have to go on to some other drug.  The devil I know is better than the one I don't.

This is the first time, I have asked for the Pink Bus.  I would like this csn ladies and gentlemen to be present, as for the first time, I feel panicky.  I have had good and bad reports in the pasts.  I feel very vunerable and it has a lot to do with my mother who was my best cheerleader over the years (19 years as of Friday, the 16th when I was diagnosed with breast cancer).  My mother has ALzheimer's and had a major stoke in July.  She is under hospice care presently.

Will you please join me as I open the envelope with the results?  Praying or sending Postive thoughts, will be appreciated.

Best to all,


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COUNT ME in....with donuts in hand....and good thoughts and PIXIE dust too.


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We'll have to park very strategically, make sure we leave a space next to the Pink Bus for your car. We'll be respectfully quiet until you let us know your news. If good news, well, all that quiet goes out the window -- lots of yay and yahoo and good cheer. If not so good news, we'll be a soothing presence and somehow we'll know just what to do.

Try to rest today, not let your mind go wandering too far.



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waiting here in the parking lot ..  ..  Sorry to say,    New Flower and I are here in the lobby waiting --  we have circle the wagon's and sending out positive vibes and prayers.


You are right Doris -  the entire center and staff know you --  !!!  


gentle hugs, and courage

Vicki Sam



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We can do this together.  Stay strong, like the Doris I've come to know.  Hoping and praying for very good results.

Hugs, Renee

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I hope you have a large car Doris, because we are crowding in!  I will have cafe au lait and beignets and be holding your hand.  Don't doubt my presence.  Sending hugs and hope and prayers!

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I hope you know that these folks on this site - WE ALL are sending our love, thoughts & prayers to you - it is stressful to take care of loved ones in addition to taking care of yourself...You definitely have our support and please let us know how it turns out...


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I am just glad that you want us there with you. Those scans tell us so much, way more than we sometimes want to hear, however, this time you know you wont be reading them alone. There should be plenty of food and drinks. Good hing the bus is big so we can set it all up for grazing!
Praying that the results are better than you think, Doris. Please keep us posted when you have a chance.
Big hugs and prayers.

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the hand you feel holding yours is mine.  Well, and every other person on board the bus.  I am hoping for good news for you.  I know you must be worried as you have never asked for the pink bus.  It's good to have that support when you are feeling vulnerable.  I also have never asked for bus.  So far, I am okay with doing my tests alone but I am also not in your shoes.  I know that everyone on the bus is pulling for you.  I am going to bring a cup of sweet support and a basket of hope for you.


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Hi Doris,

Of course I will be there.  I hope you have a big car, because I think a lot of us may want to squeeze in there to be with you as you open the envelope.  I hope and pray the results show that the current drugs you are on are working.  Many hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.  

I will add your mom to my prayers as well.


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I'll be there with you,Doris. No matter how many test we go through, there are always one that we are just not sure of the results. Sending you lots of Prayers and Positive thoughts !


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I will be there with you.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you.





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I'll be there, too, Doris. We'll all hold your hand as you read your results! Praying for good results and that the medicine is working like we all want it too. 


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I'll be there, too, Doris. We'll all hold your hand as you read your results! Praying for good results and that the medicine is working like we all want it too. 


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Thank you, all.  Scan was done today.  All I can think about tonight, is the question has been answer.  I will know tomorrow so the wait isn't that long but long enough.  

What will be, will be and I will deal with it just the way I have dealt with it all these many years.

Hugs to you all,





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On steroids so I will stay up with you and hold your hand.  Good luck tomorrow!  Sending hugs and prayers!

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I will be one of your cheerleaders in the back seat sending up prayer.

God be with you.


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Christmas Girl
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... for encouraging scan results tomorrow.

Kind regards, Susan

New Flower
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coming your way. I am glad we are going with you.

Good luck

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