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Fever after liver resection

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Hello all, my husband was discharged a week ago tomorrow after his liver resection. He has had a few low grade fevers this past week.   Tonight his pain is very bad, but it has been all week and doesn't seem to be easing up.  He had to take two pain pills which he generally does not do.  His temp is 101.7.  i will watch it very carefully tonight. My inclination is to tell the doctor.  He says its ok and we are seeing the doctor on Wed.  If anyone has any advice on fevers after surgery or when to call the docs, I would really appreciate it.  This is his second resection and I just don't remember it being so hard the last time.  Thank you so much! 

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I would go to the hospital.  if it is an infection, it is better to treat it ASAP.  

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My mom had exact same symptons after surgery. She had to go to ER. Pack a bag for 2 days. This was an infection for mom. Please don't wait until Monday. It is time to go. Tylenol and time isn't going o fix  this. She needed antibiotics in an IV. I rarely put an opinion on a thread, but "this ain't nothing to play around with" as my grandma would say. I will keep your husband and family in prayer.  

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The fever went down immediately. So now what... I guess I have to see how's the night goes. Thank you for the advice and I agree with having it checked.  He doesn't though.  If it continues tomorrow mabye he will. The other thing is, as I'm sure some caregivers know, boy, the pain coupled by pain pills can sure make a patient very grumpy! 

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In my opinion, the purpose of taking pain pills (with tylenol) is to reduce the fever.  So, it appeared that it worked. You indicated that the fever went down immediately.  It is comletely gone or just lower? If an abnormally higher temperature persists, there is likely an underlying cause that may still be present.  If it is an infection, early treatment is important.  If the fever comes back once the meds have worn off, I would highly recommend getting to the ER or doctor. All surgical discharge literature usually indicates that if a fever is present (over 100.5?), medical intervention should be sought.

I hope it isn't an infection, but better safe than sorry!



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I'd call the doctor but it's more than likely nothing as any time you mess with the liver you can have the "fever and chills" game for a few days or a few weeks.

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My husband Jason has had fevers off & on since even before his diagnosis on 1/29/13. They have never found a reason why though. He had a liver biposy a while back & the next morning he had a fever.....ended up in the hospital, the highest his fever got was 103.0 which scared me, but after all the blood work, urine test, etc. they never could find a reason for the fever. The doctor said it was just "tumor fever" which I had asked about before on here because I had never heard of it. Apparently when they did the needle biopsy of his liver some of the toxins from the tumor seeped out & got into his system & caused the fever. When his fever was so high the nurses gave him the usual Tylenol which didn't bring the fever down, so they were gonna use ice packs on him to see if that would bring the fever down, but when his Oncologist came in he said not to do that, & he ordered some kind of steroid for him & once he got that through his IV the fever was gone in no time.....Leaves you scratching your head, but the doctors didn't seem that worried about it. I hope your husband is much better by the time you read this.....((((HUGS)))) Kris

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