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Toes in the Water ~ Fishin

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Well, the week-end is here...

Time to relax, reflect, and get out of the office and on to the water....

Last week-end was a Banner Day.... I was on the water early, tide was looking good, perfect for my Flounder area... I was supposed to take someone, but he bailed on me, so I had to go it alone.., rough I know huh..., LOL.

Here are a few photos....


Toes in the Water....

 photo 47506fc0-2271-4eb0-a6df-65c9c83501cc_zps7480a678.jpg

 Big Flounder, 20" Flounder first fish of the day..., it's going to be good...


 photo 50948b65-e785-44f7-a134-aa44b1854a5c_zps86a69d12.jpg

Folks, here's what a limit of Gulf Flounder looks like... Ten Flounder, 14 - 20"


I want you to each know that I am thankful, and that I think of all of you often... I think of those that I have known on here that are no longer. For those of you that are suffering, but someday will be doing the things you love again... I was one of those a few years ago....

The summer before I got Dx with cancer, I had just found this spot. It was awesome, it produced everytime that I fished it, and has since.

But that winter when I was Dx, and then going through Tx, I often wondered if I would be back out there fishing again... It seems kind of stupid to have cancer, and the possibility of dying, yet I'm worried that I found a great fishing spot and might not ever be able to fish it again, LOL...


Thoughts & Prayers,



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That's Awesome John! What do you use as bait down there for them? I used to fish the bays off NJ for flounder and we used squid and minnows on a feather dressed hook. We'd drift and use just enough weight to keep contact with the bottom. Man I miss fishing! I've yet to even wet a line this year. Seeing this makes me want to go get my license and hit the water! 

I hear you about wondering. As I recover and the fog continues to clear, I realize just how true the saying "they almost kill you to make you better" is. While you're in the midst of treatment, it's almost surreal. And in fact, due to the meds, pain and treatment itself, in many ways it's like you're dying. There were times toward the end of treatment when I'd be awake most of the night while Marcia slept. I'd be in almost a dream state yet awake. Those types of thoughts were more common than I care to admit. 

I'm glad to see your fishing spot is getting good use and is productive. I await the fish fry pics to follow ;)


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well a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work - so what can a good day of fishing equate to? mmm

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In your abi-normal way you show a bit of wisdom.  I can’t begin to tell you how great it is to see the sunrise and wonder how close I came to my own sunset.

One of these days it will be my toes hanging over the bow and taking turns cranking them in.  With that in mind, don’t catch them all.

Future Florida Fisherman,


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Nice post John. I haven't fished since the 70's. Lost all my fishing gear in a bad car accident. I was lucky to survive so cancer could have a crack at me in 2009. Up here I use to do alot of stream and lake fishing. No boats for me, being a Teamster you don't give someone the opportunity to have you swim with the fishs. (LOL)

I will be down your way 9/6 until 9/9 spoiling my newborn grandaughter 10 minutes from the Tampa airport. (by the pics I see you fish closeby) I'm buying at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Life is good.......enjoy today it's your last crack at it until tomorrow


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Looks like a great day on the water...thanks for sharing.

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john, no wonder u enjoy fishing, u actually catch some!!...lol  my fishing time consist of sitting and holding my pole 




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Good things come to those who bait.



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jim and i
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Jim has consistently caught a couple flounder every morning. He fishes from shore on the Intercoastal. This morning his first catch was a 22" flounder. I would post the picture but your instructions seemed pretty complicated and I am an idiot when it comes to computers. I leave that to my son the computer programmer. You will have to take my word for it, I wouldn't lie to you, after all I am a pastor. My problem is the ability to give away and eat all the fish he is catching because he can't eat them (PEG). Nice problem to have though :) Happy you were able to get a day away from the office and relax.

Keep Fishin, Debbie

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Nice catch Bro'!  And I'm stuck in the office this morning...............ya got me thinkin' - hmmmm, maybe some night fishing tonite.

Keep your lines tight!



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and the livin' is easy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cool

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Thanks all...

Looking forward to anyone whome might show up....


Jeff, you're right...actually when you fly into Tampa, some routes take you directly over my fishing hole...., LOL...  think they line up with the bridges...


We'll get together while you are here...


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THAT looks like a great day out on the water!  I used to love to go fishing, but nowadays we don't really have anywhere to go!  So glad you got to get out there and enjoy the day :)  

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photoshop is a wonderful thing.....   But she's just jealous.

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You know better....

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Thanks so much for posting those wonderful pics.  I've never eaten Flounder, but I can envision a fillet cooked lightly in my cast iron skillet with just a little bit of seasoning.  Dang, now I'm hungry.


How do they taste, and what's the best way to cook them?


And "T", that was a great re-phrase.  I may carve that into some wood and post it in my Colorado cabin.  That's me, a fresh water fishing dude, although I've been known to take any invitation to go fish the sea.



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Hey John, great shots, and I must say, that's a great way to spend a summer day!  I'm glad that you got the limit fishing, but not the limit on having fun.  I think that keeping our eyes on the prize on the other side of the treatment tunnel is part of what helps us to get through it.  Fish on......  If you are ever in the Broward or Dade area, let me know, and the Star or Dunkin treats are my treat.


Ron Silver
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Ever fish Tampa Bay around Joe Island.  Great fishing.  Redfish the size of small submarines. 



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I fish for Grouper under the Skyway... I have gathered clams on the other side of 275 right close to there also...

I do fish for Redfish and Snook north of there also, Cockroach Bay, Little Manatee River...


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Glad you had a good day fishin'. Lots of dinners there! Kreg says the toes in the water pic looks like alligator bait. Cool

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Salt.water silly.....

Gators are primarily freshwater...., though they do have a few crocs down south.

But yes there are plenty of toothy critters, but they don't wanna mess with my toes...ewww.


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Didn't look like salt water......looked a little mucky....LOL...

Soooo....it's shark bait! Laughing

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Ahhh, you are probably thinking clear blue beach and ocean water.... The bay changes out water daily with each tide flow... Fresh (sea) water in, grass, murk, etc...water out.... Bay water isn't usually a clean and clear looking as ocean water..., other than in the winter.

During the winter the water is usually described as Gin Clear... Cold water, less plant life and other things growing in it...., equals super clear water. But then again, most species don't wanna cooperate if the water is too cold, other than speckled trout.

So usually in the winter, I freshwater fish..., specks (crappie)...


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John just remember where that spot is for when I come someday.

I have been doing a little fishing with my Son. I look back and remember the days when he was just a little guy with a little fishing pole in his hand. I would take him finishing and while he was fishing I would relax and get some needed rest “sleep”. Now when I look he is captain of his own boat and taking me fishing.

Great looking pictures

Tim Hondo


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Makes me very hungry!! Glad to see U doing what U are passionate about.

Keep on Keepin On!!


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