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Good News

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My Dad was diagnosed with localised esophageal cancer (stage 2 I think) back in April.  As he is 78 years of age it was decided that chemoradiation would be the best way to go, although if the treatment wasn't successful surgery would be reconsidered.  After lots of discussion with oncologist and surgeon it was felt that surgery would be high risk, recovery hard and long and the impact on quality of life at his age would be huge.  Dad was prepared to reconsider surgery if the treatment was not successful.  Anyway, he had his first post treatment endoscopy yesterday which showed no cancer.  Wow!  I know that it is early days and things could change.  I am realistic about this, but for now this is the best possible outcome we could hope for.  The doctor said that if this had been his first scope, he would have simply sent him on his way with no further evaluation - no cancer and no scarring or damage from radiation.  We pretty much knew that something positive had happened as Dad has been eating fine, putting on weight and feeling great for a few weeks now - but to be told it is gone (for now anyway) is wonderful news.   So, for now surgery wont be considered.

Although I haven't posted on here very much, this forum has been a wonderful form of support for me over the last few months.




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I hope you continue to hear good news.  This SOB needs more folks who defeat it.  I wish you well down this road.

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Congratulations on the good news.  It's one victory at a time.  I've been going through this with my mom for 2 years and I learned to be excited about great news when we got it.  I hope you have many more positive posts to come.

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I hope your next post is to report on all the craic that ye all had at the party ....

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