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Hit the Road Jack!.........

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Hi Folks,

Finally got in a little while ago. 

The preliminary "OFFICIAL" good news is I'm.....  
Mr Clean

The final reads won't be available until tomorrow but the PET department told my RO they saw nothing that raised any red flags and that it looked good to them. My scope looked great overall.

Swallow study went well and I'm where they expect me to be at this point. There's still some swelling of my throat and tongue as well as my vocal chords which explains why my singing voice isn't back yet. 

PEG is gone!

We discussed weaning me off the meds. Easy enough plan... I'm only taking 5mg of oxy twice a day and every once in a while a third dose. Start this week and stick to two doses for the next two weeks, then cut that in half for the following two weeks and then to once a day and then go off, only taking one if really needed. Start taking over the counter pain relievers (ibuprofen 400-600mg) for body ache. 

So overall a good day.

What I find unusual is that I asked about future scans and none are planned. I'll be scoped every three months for the next two years but unless they see something unusual or I develop symptoms that warrant it, they won't be doing another PET. When I asked why, they said they've found that it results in too many unnecessary procedures. They may order a yearly CAT scan but that's about it. They're very confident they erdicated the beast from me and I'll take that anyday!

Positive thoughts and prayers




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 This is wonderful news and I'm so happy for you. Now, continue on with this business of "living". You have never strayed far from it anyway, with your strength and attitude.



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Wow great news . Doesn't get better than that !!! I know how relieved you must feel . Makes sence about your voice too , just needs more time after all it hasn't really been that long . Peg is gone too, is so good that you can eat enough already . Now get on with your new normal life and have some fun !!!

Ron Silver
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Wow.  No more scans planned!  My 1st post tx pet is coming up in 3 weeks.  Can I borrow your results?

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Damn, I thought I was seeing a Mr. Clean commercial....

Oh wait, I am seeing...Mr. Clean....



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That was Halloween, 2005. Easy costume for me ~lol~ Maybe now I can get back to the gym and put some muscle back on!


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Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean!! 

Guess I'll follow your lead......I tend to get jealous when everybody ELSE is getting PET scans, and my Onc won't give me one....maybe this is a great sign, huh?  I've gotten one PET 3 months after treatment (Nov. '12').....a CT in March.....and have another CT coming the end of this month.  They don't even do my chest....

They do things differently everywhere, tho, I guess.....I get scoped every 2 months and that will go on for the next year.  My ENT did tell me, tho.....that HE would see something before a scan would....so that makes me happy that I can see him every other month...I get a nice wave of relief whenever I go see him....Laughing....doesn't stave off the scanxiety, tho....I could see him on a Monday, get a scan on Weds, and still be chewing my nails.

By tomorrow at this time, you're going to be walking on cloud nine.....something about the first NED......well.....ALL NEDS......LOL....drop to your knees kind of relief.


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jim and i
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Doing the happy dance and praising God for your great results. Love the Picture! You do look like Mr Clean:)  Debbie

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We were also told at our last appt that unless something warrants it, there will be no Pet scan or CT- only scopes every 3 months over the next year And 6 months after that through the next 5 yrs. Our oncologist said it is for several reasons: the tests add more radiation on top of what has already been done; the tests are expensive; the tests can often show false positives especially after radiation treatments.   I suspect it has a lot to do more with insurance companies.....and this is a Cancer Center. Never the less, my husband was told he is in remission at this point and both of us have slept through the night over the past week- with no help from meds!   :).  

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Hi “T”,

Good report, don’t fret about future scans, they will watch you closely and if warranted, you will get a scan.

Enjoy the NED and the PEG free lifestyle.


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great news to hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


congrats T, bet you sleep great tonight.


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That is such GREAT news!!


How was losing your Peggy?  Was it a balloon?  Isn't it a great feeling for it to be gone?


I'm so happy to hear all your good news.  Love the Mr. Clean pic, that's awesome!

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Well almost ~lol~ 

No pain at all. It was the balloon. It slipped out with a little gurgle and they put a bandage over it. However, I was told not to eat anything the rest of the day because it could come out the hole. I thought of you and your post Peggy meal and the thought of my meal leaking out into my lap wasn't appealing! I could have liquids though. 

I woke up this morning and pulled off the bandage. All is good :)


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They didn't tell me not to eat, so this southern girl had a Bojangles biscuit less than an hour after evicting Peggy! LOL  Glad it didn't come spilling out :)  


So glad it was the balloon and you had an easy time of it! 

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When my Rad Onc came in, he had his smart phone out and wanted to show me some good news. On the screen was a text from my SLP that said the PEG could come out! The best part about getting the PEG out was that Mysha, one of my Rad Oncology Nurses had to take it out. She's a sweetheart and one tough cookie that gave me a hard time about eating during my treatment. She's the one that told me I either got the PEG before I went home or be admitted and stay another two weeks. So it was poetic justice that she had to take it out. She asked me if I had eaten. Fortunately, all I had was water and an Ensure as I couldn't eat before the PET scan. My other Rad Nurse was busting on her, reminding her of the guy who had scrambled eggs before his was pulled. She told me that whatever was in my stomach might come shooting out when she pulled it. The look on her face was priceless! Fortunately, like I said, it was a little gurgle and that was it. Just a tiny spot on the guaze when I took the bandage off this morning. 


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Love the expression on your face Laughing !   You did a mighty fine job of sending that rascal Jack runnin' down the road... may he never come back.    

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Dude, so jealous of your world class forearms. You look awesome brother!!!

i want to party with you!!

keep kickin the beasts ***!!



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They're more like 3rd class forearms now! ~lol~ That pic was taken in '05. I had a 32" waist and weighed in at 225lbs @ 5'10". Now? Same waist size and weigh in at 167! I lost 65lbs due to Jack, most of it muscle. I got the all clear to work out so I'll be checking out the gyms in the area. Time to put some weight back on! 



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Down to 167 huh.....

You just lost the little sick punk azz named Jack that weighed, ummmm.wait, let me grab the calculator..., I need to do some cyphering.. 225-167=58#...

The small sick person in your body named Jack that weighed in at 58#.



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So glad to hear the great news and trilled for you. Must be a huge weight lifted off, just the waiting and unknowing. Sounds like a lot was accomplished in one day up there. Say bye bye to PEGgy for me. LOL don

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Mr. Clean!!!  Great and wonderful news T ...very happy for you.



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It's mister Clean. I knew there was something to that last week when I called you that. I also had a hunch you would be clean and green. Wait if you were green that would make you the Jolly Green Giant.

Congrats my friend. I will never forget getting the results of my first scan. You will come down from cloud nine in a few days but until then enjoy your stay and the NED high. A much better high than the oxy one.

Enjoy the day and heal on


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That's great news! :-)

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wonderful news all around!!  now u can hit the gym.  don't overdo to quick.  u r still recovering. 

about the scans, my doc said no more scans for me to.  others have said the same thing so i guess thats the norm. 

enjoy the goods news and ur new freedom (peggy).  don't forget to do a happy dance.  Cool


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Congratulations, I'm so very happy for you!! It just makes my day when I read stories like this!! Enjoy now and relax!! They will monitor you in the future, so don't worry!

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T.....fabulous report !  Praying NED forever and a day for you !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Ruben and Jude
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That's great news, congratulations. No evidence of disease AND No PEG..... awesome!

(The V.A. also told us no more PET Scans... "too much exposure".  It's a conspiracy I tell you...jk.)

Take care, prayers for continued NED forever.

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Way to Go, Man!!  Awesome news.



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So Jack is gone.....this should make you Happy, Happy, Happy! Laughing

Glad to hear your news!

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Not only did I just get the "Official" NED call but my MO called and since I'm doing so well, canceled my appointment for Friday. She ordered a full blood workup which I can get locally and I'll see her in November when I see my RO and Speech/Language Pathologist. 


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I'll give that news a 2 thumbs up,Glad you came through it with a NED,Grrrreat news.The doctors told me the same as you on the scans and as you say take that any day, and i too have to get the scope everythree months for 2 years too.

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Mucho Congratulations T, this report is ABSOLUTELY TREMDNDOUS, and here's hoping that they continue to come in the same in the years to come!!!


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i am still one month from my scan.  


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Should I call you Mr. clean; So glad to hear the good news. Wow I did not realized you two looked so much alike… lol



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