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Breast cancer metastasized to liver now...

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I just found out about 3 months ago that my original breast cancer has metastasized to my liver! Wondering if anyone else has been through this? Right now I am doing hormone therapies to see if it will shrink my one spot on the liver. I am on Arimidex and Fulvestrant injections . I am considering surgery to remove the part of my liver where the tumor is growing. If anyone has had similar surgery to remove a tumor on liver, I would love to hear what I can expect after surgery. I also welcome any words of encouragement and hope as I am very anxious and devastated by this new diagnosis!

New Flower
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I am very sorry and would like to help. I have metastatic cancer too. Originally I was diagnosed with stage III in 2008, and last year after 4 years it did go to my bones. We started from Chemo Xeloda for 9 months, than was was taking an experimental drug BKM 120 which was too toxic to me. Now I am on Faslodex and Xgeva injections 

there is hope for all of us. Please keep fighting and come bback hugs 

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For my 09 metastasis, RFA was the preferred way to get rid of the lesion.  It's a simple out patient procedure and I think it's preferable to cutting one up and maybe spreading cells.

It worked until Sept. '11 when markers called for Pet Scan and discovery of general metastasis.  My primary tumor was estrogen receptive so the only drug I'm taking is Femara (anti-estorgen hormone).  It was bringing markers down until we have discovered 3 tumors (2 in liver & one in belly) and the surgeon that did the RFA won't touch them.  "Go home and enjoy life."  he tells me.  So, I'm going to experiment with DCA and would really like to hear from anyone who also has tried that.

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Since Femera failed, how about another hormonal drug?



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I didn't have liver mets.  In 2000, I had lesions on two ribs and used Arimidex.  Then after a year or so, they were gone and I was NED (no evidence of disease) until 2008.  A ct scan, PET scan and VATS (video assisted thoracic surgery) showed widespread pulmonary and pleura metastasis with a small pleural enfusion.  I began Faslodex at 250 mg then Femera and took a break and rebooted Femera (it didn't work) so I went back to Faslodex at 500 mg which last 11 months and now on Taxol.

Give Faslodex and Arimidex a chance to work, they are excellent drugs for ER+ tumor.

Best to you,


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as well as skin and bones. The skin tumors are gone as well as the liver tumors, unfortunately none of the treatments touched the bones, but the liver mets are gone. It couldnhave been Evista(hormone blocker) chemo, but we mostly think it was herceptin! The liver tumors disappeared while on the herceptin and Evista.
My doctor would not touch my liver as I have had so much chemo that he did not feel my body was up to a surgery.

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