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1 year later

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As of tomorrow I will have been out of treatment for 1 year so according to my Dr. as he calculates it I am a 1 year survivor!!! I thank God every day for that and for letting me find all of you last year when I was beginning this journey. I learned so much and got so much inspiration from all of you and I can never thank you enough. It is hard to believe it has been a year since that day but here I am! Still have problems with lack of saliva though it is better. Taste is still off on some things but can taste a lot of things, sweets not so much; but that may not be all bad! Have spasms in neck more frequently in the past couple months but have been trying to do more stretching exercises and that seems to help. Have had a clear pet scan and clear cat scan. So all and all I am truly blessed. I am here to watch my grandchildren start school another year, a senior and 2 7th graders, we have had a couple of wonderful vacations and a lot of precious moments that I have treasured. I have a closer relationship with God and I give him all the praise and glory. Thank you again my friends for always being here when I needed you.

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we may not know each other...your post brought tears to my eyes!  Congrats on the one year!!!  I am so happy to read posts like this :)  I wish you nothing but the best and prayers for continued health.  Enjoy every moment God has blessed you with...I sure do!  

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Awesome... Keep on doing the things you are doing, they are working...




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What a great report on the ONE YEAR survivorship.....I totally love hearing from the people who were in treatment the same time as I was.....Sounds to me like you're living your life, and enjoying hell out it....WONDERFUL!!  Congratulations, and a toast (milk maybe???) to many many more.


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I think I feel you smiling, well no kidding.   The one year is a great big step.  Enjoy something to celebrate.



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congrats on the 1 yr mark!!  i'm dancing a jig to celebrate.   Laughing


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Glad to hear one year behind you, many more to come. congrats, don.

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One year is a great celebration! Thanks for sharing your news.

I Pray you have many more years of surviorship!


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Hey BWG, congratulations on getting the NEDS news on your one year anniversary!  Life will continue to improve, patience is the key.  Here's wishing you the best, and for continued NEDS news from now on.  Keep it movin foreward!


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This is great to hear!! Wonderful news. Things will just get better and better! Enjoy life!

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