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NED is the word

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Went in for my results on the pet scan and was told by my doctor that I'm NED Cool. Use left and right arrows to navigate. .He also stated that I wouldn't have to have another pet scan.I asked if that where true and that i thought i would have to have one every 3 mos. he said usually if your first pet scan came back as a NED then it was around about 90% to 95% chance that you wouldn't get this cancer again was just wondering if that is right.I'm not arguing,but he also said if i find another lump or am in pain then he would order another pet scan.Plus he also does a scope down my throat every visit too.Will still have to see him every 3 mos. or sooner.Is this the way it's done?Thanks for the replies

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Congrats on meeting NED! I hope to do the same!


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Congratulations on the NED, it feels pretty good.

As long as they are watching you closely, you should be alright.


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Ain't Mr. NED wonderful to meet?  I hope you put on your dancing shoes and did a dance around the kitchen....life is grand!


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Congrats on meeting NED!  I was told that I wouldn't have any scans...they are just keeping a close eye on me and checking me every 3 months.  Celebrate and congrats!!

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is the word is the word is the word, its got root, its got meaning......

Glad to hear that you've joined the NED club.  I envy you about getting a clear first scan and not having to glow in the scanner again. 

every one of us are different, our cancers are different, our responses to treatment are different but in your case, I'd call this great, normal and advise you not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

time to go celebrate!

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First, Congrats on  your NED! Ringing the bell for you!

My loved one has been out of tx 6 months and he is also being seen every 6-8 weeks for scopes. They told him to plan on this for about 5 yrs. Once he gets to year 2 they feel the chance of recurrence is even less! No more scans though (just the one prior and after tx). Now yearly chest xray and 2 month scopes. You will find most follow ups are pretty similiar. Although, most get scans regularly and we were told none unless a problem.

You will be fine. Time to celebrate!



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congrats on NED!!  we r all celebrating w/u.


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