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I know I have seen on here before the name of someplace where you can get free wigs. I am inquiring for my sister who's step-daughter is going through chemo again. This young woman (26) has had chemo more than once and would now like to be able to get a wig. She lives in the Indianapolis area. Any suggestions?



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Many local offices of the American Cancer Society (ACS)  have wig banks. Cancer patients can get a free wig there. That is how I got my wig. I also got a couple of head scarves. Your step-niece might try contacting the Indianapolis chapter to see what they have available or if they can make a referral for her. Has she tried asking someone in her oncologist's office if they have any ideas on the matter? Of course it is always awful to get a cancer diagnosis but I feel especially badly for someone who gets cancer at such a young age. My thoughts are with her.


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Sorry to hear of your step niece's diagnosis.  She could try the oncology nurse navigator at her cancer center.  My center has many wigs and caps to borrow.

My prayers are with her.



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as well as through look good feel better!

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Yes, the American Cancer Society and she might check at her cancer center too. 

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The local ACS sent me two wigs they thought matched the ones I directed them to in the TLC catalog.  The wigs, for salt and pepper, were too salty.  So then they gave me a $45 voucher for a wig out of the TLC catalog instead.  Maybe that is another option, if wigs at the local chapter don't seem your style.

BTW:  I did not get a salt/pepper wig through TLC because I was just not too sure about the "salt."  So, I went with what was my look in earlier years, as I really did not want to look old.  (Where I live, we can renew our driver's licenses online.  I have not had my picture retaken in 18 years -- I looked more like that picture with my wig than what I look like now.


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