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Cinnamonesmile What did the Doctor Have to Say?

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Just checking to see what you learned today at your appointment?


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While the Pink Bus was a fabulous ride (as usual) we were all certainly hoping that things went well for  you. Please give us an update when you can.


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It has been a long day. The surgeon was not too bad.I expected a worse bedside manner.

He showed me my CT Scan. There is a large spot on the lower left lung. The two enlarged lymph nodes are near the trachea.Therefore, he told me that he can not do BOTH in one day's surgery. He also said that the lymph nodes enlargement might be a temporary thing, so he will monitor them depending on the results of the lung tissue biopsy.While he was talking, I asked if my opinion mattered and he said yes (surprise, surprise). I explained I didn't want to go thru like what it was for BC....biopsy, lumpectomy w/dirty margins, mastectomy. He nodded. The most worrisome spot for him and me both is the large spot on the CT. I had no idea the spot was that big. I forgot to ask for measurements, so I don't know if it just looked big becuase it was on a laptop screen or if it is really that big.

I think he said that he doesn't want to waste time with the VATS procedure.He said he may or may not be able to use it effecttively, so plan on the other kind where he makes a pretty large incision on the side of my chest, below the armpit. He also said that sometimes he likes to get in there and feel it? Have no idea, but whatever works.

The P.A. came in after the doctor to have me sign paperwork, give instructions, etc. I will be in the ICU afterwards. Then transferred to the 2nd floor which is not a general surgery unit (If I was going to be on the 3rd or 4th floor I was going to call and ahead and let them no that I will not be putting up with the shennigans at the last hospital stay).I told the P.A. that I wanted to know what floor because of all the problems I had there with my last surgery. I also discussed my LE concerns. He told me their office/unit/staff are very anal, probably much more so than the general surgery staff. I said whooo hooo. I love anal staff. He also told me to tell the admitting nurse that I want an anesthesiologist consult PRIOR to an IV start. For this type of surgery, we all get the IV in the neck, although they may need to be a second IV/line in the arm near the elbow.

He said I will have more pain. He said the nerve damage will affect below my chest, so not only will I have my regular chest pain, but I can add the belly now,too.At least he doesn't sugar coat things. I like it dry and honest.

I can't believe how fast the surgery is. I am having it done Wednesday morning. With no complications, a couple days in the hospital. Luckily, Brian has vacation next week.Looks like no camping for us this summer. :(

In lieu of flowers (since I can't have them in ICU, so it is kind of useless), Brian took me to my favorite restaurant and I had a delicious Ceasar's Salad, and a very yummy Margeurita (you could hardly taste the alcohol, just like I like it).

Thank you for inquiring.

P.S. I was thinking about the Pink Bus in the parking lot while I was waiting for the appt!


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Glad that you like him Cinnamonsmile and that you have all your concerns answered.  

I talked with the anesthesiologist prior to my surgery also.  It is always a good thing to do.

Doing your nodes would have been pointless, they will be what the other larger one is.

I think they all look bigger on the screen.  My stomach ulcers were left so I could see them in April.  They looked big but I know they couldn't be as big as they were on the screen.

Wishing you the best on Wednesday.  We will roll the pink bus out for you then too.



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I am glad your consultation went well, that you are feeling more comfortable with your doctor and procedure. I hope everything will go smoothly without complications. Good luck

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Praying for you so that everything goes quick and smoothly, with no complication. Also praying for your inner peace so that you are super relaxed during this entire process.

Please be well. Stay well. Recover fast. Amen.


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