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with Update-Refractory DLBCL

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Hi all,

If you remember my current onconlogist was thinking of moving me to R-ICE w/ SCT since my cancer did not react after the second R-CHOP treatment.  More details in my other post.  Anyway, he spoke with the folks at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (luckily on 10 miles from me).  I met with a one of their doctors this morning--one that specializes in what I'm going through.  He actually recommended use DHAP vs. R-ICE.  He feels it is a tad stronger and a better chemical fit.

I know a few of you asked me to tell you what happened at Roswell...so there it is.

We're going to stick with Roswell.  If this doesn't work, I got the impression there are a couple other options they may be able to offer me.  So this week is more test: bone marrow, biopsy, etc.--actually I'm happy about this because most of the research I've read recommends retesting when something like this happens.

So, while this isn't the greatest news...I have a great doctor team...friends and family.  I just know I'm going to kick this thing.

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Glad to hear that you have a second opinion from an excellent source, and they you have all agreed on a treatment that you are satisfied and hopefull with.

May it get you to full remission,



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Sounds like you are in good hands at Roswell.  I know it is really good to trust your team and know your initial doctor is a support too.  There is so much happening with lymphoma research now, you have a great chance of being on the winning side.  Thank you so much for keeping us informed.  I continue to pray for those docs and the researchers, thus you too.

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Thanks so much for the update. You have a great attitude about this which will help in so many ways. Retesting is the best way to stay on top of this in order to get the right chemo working for you. I'll be keeping you in my prayers and thinking good positive thoughts. Let us know how your doing as the testing progresses. We are always here for you. Best wishes...Sue

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Hi Karl, it sounds like your oncologist made an excellent referral. Your new care plan and your new facility sound very promising. And you sound like you have a fantastic attitude. I also think you are going to kick this thing!

My hugs and prayers are with you. . .



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Wishing the best for you...to you and your health!!! You have a great kick butt attitude and support team, there is no doubt in my mind that you will win this battle.

Are there aliens encounters at this Roswell that you speak of???Wink Just thinking maybe the aliens could take the Cancer back to their mothership and leave us all alone..Wishful thinking I suppose.

We will all be right here with you, if you need anything or just someone to talk to...please don't hesitate



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I really appreciate all the encouraging words from everyone.  I think we all idenfiy with this feeling: you find yourself talking to someone and they say 'you have such a positive attitude'...you walk away thinking 'if they only knew'.  I find the encouraging words from here really helps and keeps me focused.

Carie: THANK YOU for a great laugh.  When I'm there tomorrow for my cardio echo and pulmunary test...I ask if they can show me Area 51!

I'll keep everyone posted as I start DHAP next week.

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I wish you the best and be careful of those aliens!  You know those stories about those uhh special probes and stuff ;) !

Hugs and warm positive thoughts for you,


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