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Day 14 and still in alot of pain...not near the sites tho.  the pain is in my left hip and little down my leg.  Stinging/burning pain.  Again its not near the incision sites.  My incisions feel and look good.  Thoughts?

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Not trying to minimize pain but wanted to mention I have the stinging/burning from my hip, down my left leg to my foot. It's always my left leg and it's been like that for at least three months. It is worse when I'm laying down than any other time. My GP thinks it probably is my sciatica and I have an appointment to see a neurologist end of the month. Lately hot feet have been added to the equation. Just a thought. . .



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a lower back issue, pinched nerve etc...its probably too soon for stretching exercises that usually help, but you can try icing your lower back or laying flat on your back with a rolled up towel under the small of your back and then bend your knees upward until your feet are flat on the floor.  Hope this helps.

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You sound pretty normal to me 14 days out. Check any specific concers with your doctor. You will get better day by day. The worst 2 weeks are behind you.

Remember you just had major abdominal surgery.




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Yeah, if you were pretty active before, this maybe just your bodies way of demanding attention  COntact your Doc!


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You were kept in unnatural positions, had your guts disturbed,removed, and rearranged. Cut and spliced and diced. Tightness, spasms, and protective withdrawl responses have led to many problems for many. But give it some time. Try to walk more. Slowly do more. As your body recognizes that things are improving, the tightness and spasm diminishes. It is not likely that some new ortho problem is developing. It is that it can be a long recovery. Most of us have been there. Don't panic yet. There will be plenty of time for that,

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