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Husband gets PET results tomorrow 12 weeks post treatment. ANXIOUS!

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Husband was diagnosed 2/2013 with right tonsil cancer, T1N2a, HPV positive. Underwent concurrent chemo and rads. 2 rounds of Cisplatin and 35 rads.  6 weeks post tx had a CT scan of neck and chest. Lymph node was decreased in size, but still present.  Had PET last Thursday (12 weeks post tx) and gets results tomorrow.  I know others have been there.  I am so anxious and feeling depressed even though I know we could get good news and praying for that.  Hoping all the H&N patients will say a prayer for Greg and myself and send some good thoughts and vibes our way!


P.S. I don't often post, but I do follow what others post. God bless all of you survivors, those in treatment and family members. Anyone who has been affected "gets it".

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pam, we all know how it goes.  no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to stop worrying.  saying a prayer 4 u and greg.  i know things will come back good.  also sending psitive mojo 2 u   :0)    try not 2 worry and tomorrow will b here b4 u know it.


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Those darn anxious feeling we cannot get away from them.  Here are good thoughts and prayers for both of you



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are in surplus here....there's plenty to send to you.....and I'll tuck him into the magic phrannie pocket, a nice safe cozy place....we even have a teesy TV :) .

Scanxiety runs rampent for everyone....I put myself through hell everytime....wish there was a way to get out of it, but so far I haven't found it.

I'm sorry he has to wait so long to get the results....that would KILL me.  Just hang in there, and soon you'll be hearing good new....I know it! 

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said for both you and your husband.  May our good Lord bless you both.


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Like P mentioned, we have all been there, takes awhile to shake it also....

Thoughts & Prayers for good reports...


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