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My taste buds are trying SO hard

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To come back to me!! I'm 3 weeks out of treatment (can't believe it's been that long already!) and I wouldn't say I could totally TASTE things but its getting close. It's more like the taste is trying to come through a bad taste in my mouth. Weird description but that's what it's like for me. Eggs, French toast, green beans, water with lemon and meat have been good. Mashed potatoes, French fries, sandwich meat, ice cream, grits and donuts have been HORRIBLE!! I'm taste testing different things since we're on vacation this week. I can live without all the sweets since they taste awful, but I am sad that my taste buds seem to hate coffee right now. I'm not giving up on that quite yet! I hope you all are having a good week. I did my daily devotion down by the ocean tonight and said a prayer for you all! 

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I love going out by the Sea side and praying early in the morning when the Sun is just starting to rise especially on Sabbath morning. It reminds me of how wonderful and powerful God really is to create so much beauty. Give you taste buds a little more time to come back, and remember you will have a new normal you. Things will be a little different but you will learn and life will once again blossom also most like before.


God Bless you and your Taste Buds


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Thank you Hondo! Staring out at the ocean shows me how huge and mighty God is! I wish you all the best! 

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I would give your taste buds till sundown on Sunday and no more (just kidding). As you said, you are not giving up on them (taste buds) quite yet.  3 weeks out is long for a French kiss, but miniscule to recovering taste buds.  Did you see the size of that radiation machine, which had mega power focused on you.

You  are at the beach, you fought the battle, now it is time to be happy and regroup and recover.  Enjoy what you can and wait for the rest to happen.  I use to travel around with an Igloo cooler full of protein drinks and bottled water.

Be ready for awful tastes and be ready for nice surprises, every day is a blessing.



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it's so nice to know you are in such good spirits! 

Everything in it's time, that's all I can say.  I'm still waiting on ice cream...but do my weekly due-diligence by tasting it every single day....a half gallon lasts 10 days....ha!  Coffee will come around....it's something I quit drinking 15 years ago, but took up again in the last 3 months because I can taste it and it is GOOD! 

I love your new picture....!


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WOW........What a change from 5 weeks ago. Us buds never left you but the ones that did will return soon as you are experiencing now. Like you, coffee was high on the list as I sat in my sofa recliner, twiddled my thumbs and waited for that taste to come back. Ice cream is a challenge but I kept practicing and although I don't crave it like before radiation, I still throw down my fair share. I'm hoping Matt gets his taste for it back so we can meet at a Baskin & Robbins with two spoons and sit behind the glass enclosure and dig in. Matter of fact you can join us.

I hope your enjoying yourself at the beach. Next week at this time I will be heading for Ocean City Maryland for a week for some Dumsers ice cream, Fishers carmel corn and some chocolate coated pretzels we get at one of the candy stores. I may decide to eat something else during the week I just haven't made the rest of the list out yet. I will do my usual and be up every morning before the sun and sit on the balcony overlooking the ocean drink coffee as I watch it come up. The last three years it has had a special meaning and I enjoy it a whole lot more.

Enjoy the day...........can't tell ya how glad I am to see your doing so well.


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some Dumsers ice cream, Fishers carmel corn and some chocolate coated pretzels we get at one of the candy stores


Just cause ya gots cancer, does not give you a credit card to now get diabetes. geez. don't forget eat an apple along the way. LOL

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An apple is entirely toooooooooo healthy. Ya know what happens to people who eat healthy? They get sick and pass away anyway. I'm going to go happy my friend

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It'll get there more than likely..., like everything.. It'll come in it's own sweet time...

Ice cream took two years for me... I'm also a meat eater..., took quite awhile for meat too... Pork even longer as it was always too dry for me...



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