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Anyone Heard of Internal Radiation?

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I was getting done with my treatment this morning and was talking with a lady who was recieving 'internal radiation'...I had never heard of this so, I thought I'd ask you lovely ladies if anyone out there has gone thru this treatment...Anyway, I was just curious...


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I haven't heard of it. Is it like mammosite rads?

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but it would have been done as an inpatient.  With that one.  I would have checked into the hospital, and they would have given me internal radiation to my whole system.  I would have had to be in isolation for 7 days.  I was going to do it, until the rad onc got to the point of the side effects!  Biggest one is that it is so hard on the system that many do not make it.  It is a last ditch when conventional therapy is not having any effect on tumors and they continue to grow. 

She also talked about other options where they can stratigically place radiation directly to the tumors, then direct the xray machines to activate it. 

They said I had too many tumors for that one!  But it was safe compared to the whole body rads.

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