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Hello from Greece!

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Hello everyone! I'm Dimitris from Greece, i'm 50 years old and i would like to share my own experience with all of you here. Last may i've been diagnosed with a brain tumor, specifically with Glioblastoma IV according to the histological tests. In a week's time i travelled to Hannover, Germany to the International Neuroscience Institute where a great neurosurgeon and human named Professor Helmut Bertalanffy managed to remove the entire 100% tumor off my brain without any post-surgery complications, actually i woke up immediately after one day in the Intensive Care room and started walk around the building as if no surgery be done. Soon started radiotherapy and chemo (Temodar pills) ifor about a month n order to be "saved" the result on the successful removal of the tumor. I responded greatly to the treatments, only the Dexamethazone i took for avoiding swelling from the radiation caused me some muscle weakness on my legs that soon improved aftes some physiotherapies.

Could someone with a similar experience as mine or a psysician/oncologist let me know what exactly should i do in my life from now on so to keep healthy and not grow a new tumor again in the future? Thank you in advance for reading my post.

kind regards,


Mary N.
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Hi, I'm so happy for you for the success of treatment.  Now you have a life to live.  I'm not a doctor but it seems just common sense to pay attention to eating a really healthy diet, exercising and keeping yourself engaged in life.  My diet is a specialized one because of the HDMTX I have to still enjoy because my cancer is NHL.  I juice a lot, keep it fairly alcholine and don't eat huge amounts of meats and my main diet is fruits and vegetables.  My thing is to keep busy, do things I enjoy, find joy in every day because every day is precious. I'm also am a believer and find prayer and prayers of others is important. I was supposed to be here for about 3 months and it has been 3 1/2 years.  There is a large adjustment we make when it becomes a reality that we will survive.  I wish you the very best for the rest of your life. Keep active.  Blessings.

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