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I too have good news.  The nodule in my lung is non-cancerous.  Apparently it was caused by my having coccidioidomycosis, better known as valley fever.  Have been taking medications for that for the last six months. Apparently I'm still NED.


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That's good news to hear...hope the fever is subsiding...and what a relief that must be...

Cont'd best wishes for you and your wife...know things are terribly difficult for you right now...with no easy answers in that arena...

Thanks for posting...helps folks to hear...

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Excellent news. I have been wondering. Congratulations.


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So good to hear that the "beast" has not returned. I know that Valley Fever is one of the "perks" we get for living in this area, complete with wracking cough, pain, & fatigue. Rest, if you can.

My best to you and your wife as you care for her.



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happy for you ... wishing you continuing NED.

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I know you have a lot on your plate with caregiving.  So happy for you.  Enjoy your continued NED.

Cathleen Mary
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Great news!  Celebrate and savor. Thanks for letting us know.

Cathleen Mary

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Thank you all for your kind words.  To say the least I now breathe easier!!!

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Thank you for sharing your good news, Dan!  It is surely uplifting!!


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So very happy to hear your good news.

Best wishes to you and your wife.

Marie who loves kitties

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Great news!  Thanks for sharing and best wishes for continued good health!  Celebrate! :)

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Very good news...

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