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After my last scan, which was totally clear, they even checked my lungs and bones, the Onc informed me that I had a incissional Hernia, the size of a Cantaloupe, which to him is very large.

I never read on the board about this, does any of you had this happen, or heard about this, it starts 4 cm (almost 2 inches) above the navel and continous 8 cm ( almost 4 inches) below the belly button. approchimately.

I did an Ultra Sound and am now waiting for the surgeon what his diagnoses and approach will be. C;sosing it up or waiting to see.

Any info from any of you would be appreciated.


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after our surgeries.  I had one that never got that large - mine was about a couple of inches long.  I had it reppaired 3 years ago, and am now developing another, which at this point is quite small.  If you get yours repaired, don't bother with laparascopic, if that is offered to you.  It was explained to me that they can't do as complete a repair, and the surgery/recovery is just as painful, if not moreso than having open scurgery (which is what I had.)  With open surgery, they can draw the sides of the hernia together, and stitch them before securing the mesh over them.  With laparascopic surgery, they place the mesh over the hernia to keep everything in place, but cant necessarily close it as well (tho it is protected.)  Surgery/recovery is painful, but we've all been through worse, and I'm fine now.  Feel free to ask me more.


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Hi Marjan

I've got an inguinal and linguinal hernia....started small, little bigger now, but nothing like you described.

I agree with Allice on 'open's vs the laps....when I did the daVinci robot for my lung...the pain and recovery was actually worse than the full open procedure....just a better field of view....and more wiggle room for the surgeon.

Continued thoughts for you & daughter:)

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I have one above my navel . it is about two inches long. Several doctors have commented on it but none seemed inclined to do anything about it and I've never really asked. I have had it for over fifteen years and so far it has caused me no great problems. If needs be I will get it fixed when and if I retire. It sounds like yours is in a bit more need of attention. Good luck with it , I hope it doesn't slow you down for long and congrats on the clear scan , Ron.

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Thank you all for replying. I had trouble getting on the board the last week, very fustrating.

My Onc explained it all to me and most likely because of the size of the hernia the surgeon might put in a mesh and then close it all up again.

We will see what he says when I get to see him.

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After surgery last December I developed an umbilical hernia - they are going to fix it when I am done with chemo.

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My husband had an umbilical hernia for years which they fixed during his colon resection surgery in December.  He has since developed another smaller hernia which no one seems too concerned about.  He just finished chemo so maybe they will address it soon.

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