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Pain after biopsy

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As you all know, I had a biopsy on July 2nd.  

The ENT to pieces of my lfet and right lingual tonsils.  I still feel some throat and ear pain on the right side.  How long should it hurt after the biopsy ?  This scares me, because I keep thinking that he awoke the beast and now it's running wild in my throat and ear.


Thanks for shedding some light for me.

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i had a biopsy of my tounge and the pain was severe for 1 month.  after a month the pain was still there for 2 weeks just not as severe.  i hope ur biopsy pain won't last that long.  good luck.


Posts: 39
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Thank you for your comment.  I sure hope it does not hurt for that long.  My biopsy was right in the lingual tonsils.  I can eat and it does not hurt, but the ear pain and throat pain on that side are horrible.  i am thinking that if I have TMJ, this could be why I hurt so much since I had my mouth wide opened for 45 minutes while the ENT inspected and took samples.

Again, thank you for you kind repply.



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Not sure of the specifics of tonsil biopsy...

But I can tell you this, having my tonsils removed as my initial surgery for STGIII Tonsil Cancer, (which the tissue was biopsied to determine my Dx)... That was the most intense and concentrated pain of my entire Tx.

The first few days aren't bad...

The next 7 - 10 days were a biotch.....

I was down to only really runny thinned out mashed potatoes and gravy, pretty much thinned out soupy foods...

And forget that ice cream you've always been told about, anything cold was instant pain...

Hanh in there, hopefully by this time next week you'll be feeling little if any pain.


But then again, my wife does suffer with TMJ at times, it's not pleasant...



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Hi 3,

Sorry you're dealing with pain. Unfortunately, pain from the biopsy will be there for a while. When I had my 1st tonsillecomy, the spots where they biopsied my tongue, throat and nasopharynx hurt for weeks... Not to mention the tonsils. I had severe ear pain from the tonsillectomy so I imagine taking a chunk of your tonsil would cause similar pain. Also, the pain got worse several days AFTER the surgery. You just had chunks of flesh removed... it's gonna hurt for a while

Hang in there and take your pain meds. It's best to stay ahead of the pain.

Positive thoughts and prayers



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