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Almost 4 yrs since Radiation

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On going problems from radiation that ended almost 4 yrs aog.  I still have times when I urinate a lot of blood.  The bleeding may last 1- 3 days.  then it clears up.  When I was preparing for the AUS and being scoped everey 3 months, the uro told me the inside of my bladder had abrasions and I may continue to bled the rest of my life. 


Also, I am beginning to have some BM problems. I refer to it as crappy crap.  I am not quite  sure I want to describe this, but I am wondering if down the road from radiaiton other men have had bowel problems.  



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I finished IMRT in July 2008 followed by 3 years of hormone therapy. I experienced sporadic rectal bleeding  and loose and frequent bowel movements beginning in 2011. I was referred to a gastroenterologist. After a colonoscopy she reported radiation burn on the bowel which is a frequent occurrence in prostate cancer patients after radiation treatments. She said it would not become cancerous but would probably flare up from time to time. No treatment was required. 

I have not had any problems for about 6 months.

Hope this is helpful. You are not alone.

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This past 4- 5 months Ihave had some problem cleaning myself after a BM.  I was guessing somehow this was connected to radiation.

After radiaiton at Loma Linda University Hospital in CA the group of us that were finishing radiaiton about the same time were told to avoid a colonoscopy for 10 yrs because the inside of the bowel would look different and the doctor would probably want to take a sample and any cuts or tearing to the bowel lining would have trouble healing and there could be complications.   So I have been wondering what other complicaitons there might be.


Just something else to mess with, if you pardon the pun.


Just couldn't resist it.



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I would guess it depends on exactly where they radiated.  I have fissures that bleed,and have learned never to apply pressure.  

Alot of us change diets to help survival.  Could it be that your diet is causing this? It could be that they radiated a different area, but most people I know do not suffer from this. Maybe try a change in diet.



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