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Adrenalcortical Carcinoma Clinical Trial

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Good morning,  I am battling adrenalcortical carcinoma.  After surgery,  mitotane therapy and chemo my cancer became active again. I want to let everyone battling this type of cancer know that currently there is a new clinical trial being conducting at The National Institute for Health. They are actively seeking ACC patients to participate.

I am currently particpating. I happened to stumble across this trial in January, right after it opened. You can get more info at 


Search on "adrenalcortical carcinoma"

The study title is Centredekin Besudotox (IL-13-PE)

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about this trial.



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Hi Steve, your post interested me, I'm in England, I've had cushings disease, 10 cm cancerous tumour removed in May, ct scan last month shows clear, but they can't be sure no cancel cells escaped from tumour so have started me on mitotane, I'm 6 days in, I'm very scared as they say if it comes back very very serious, with mitotane gives me 30 per cent chance of killing cells?  What is the name of drug your on? Did they offer you mitotane ?   Thanks Emma 

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