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2 years in Remission for ovarian cancer 3c

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Hi ladies! 


Its been a really long time since I have been on here.  There are only a few faces that I know.  And so many new names. I just want to say hi and pass some  hope and inspiration for those of you going thru chemo now or those of you Recently in remission.  It has been two years on June 28th that was when I had my last chemo.  i  am still strong.  I thought the longer being out of remission the less you would stop worring about it coming back.  That's not true. The goods news the longer in remission the better.  That's what the docs say at least.  I try to exercise a few times a week.  My oncologist believes its important.  Stay strong and stay positive.  The best advice I give is this stupid cancer can take a lot from you, but don't ever let it take your spirit.  In September I will be doing my 3rd ovarian cancer walk in NJ.  This year I will walk for all of my teal sisters around the world.  


Be strong lladies 

my goal is to be more proactive on this site so message me for any questions

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and also to hear how well you're doing. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary.

                                                                    ((((HUGS))))    Maria

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Congratulations on your two years (and counting)!  Your good news lifts us all up but I think you're especially helping the newbies, who are still reeling from their recent diagnosis, to see that the future is still bright and full of promise. 

Please be sure to report back to us after your cancer walk in September.

Take care,


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Pamela B
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Thanks for posting.  Very encouraging for me who is newly in remission.  Hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones too!

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so happy you are doing well , it is great to have good news to counter the sometimes devistating reports.  Keep in touch maybe you will inspire me to exercise...lol


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Congratulations on 2 years NED! And kudos for staying active and positive.

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You are such a great role model for us.  You are living your life to the fullest.  That is the way we win.  Unfortunately the worry will always be there but enjoying life is the best revenge.  Please post more often so the younger women especially can see that there is life after ov/ca.  I see you on Facebook so I know you are a busy girl. 



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So glad you are doing so well :)))))

Michelle xxx 

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you are an inspiration  ,  waving all the  way from Australia  ..... amazing  spirt   :)  congrats  Donna

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Hearty Pioneer
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Thank you for sharing your story with us and being an inspiration!!


His grace
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I was diagnosed with 3C as well.  Feb. 21 of this year.  Just finished chemo last week.  Now waiting for CT Scan 2 wks from now and the results...


Thanks for posting

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