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lung biopsies

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At Stanford they say I need a vats procedure to biopsie 3 lung nodules A local surgeon in my are says that they usually do a fine needle biopsie.

do any of you have any experiance with this? it is a five hour dr. to stanford for me and my family as we have don't have anyone to watch the kids this time hotel rooms are a mint there and would probably be there for 5 nights or more.

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Here is the Mayo site which explains about VATS as not only a biopsy procedure but also surgical removal of tumors:


You should ask Stanford if biopsies are positive for cancer if they will also remove the nodules at the same time.

Also check with Standford for a patient advocate or their help desk to see if there are hotels which offer discounts for Stanford patients/familes.  Some do.  Are you sure about the need to stay 5 nights?  That seems long is they are just doing biopsy.

A needle biopsy is not always successful even when used in conjuntion with CT scan assistance. 

Wishing you best results with whichever procedure you select.

Marie who loves kitties

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Yes, on cancer site here you can actually find the hotels that give a discount for those going to Stanford.  But, with the price of hotels there in that area the discount doesn't count for much. We stayed at a hotel there when I had surgery scheduled early in the AM, didn't even bother with the discount.

Winter Marie

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the discounts def. don't count for much.  the five days involve having to be there wed. early a.m. so there's tues. night wed. night nothing happens on the fourth so the procedure is fri. with acouple night stay for the procedure.

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I'm due to get a needle biopsy of an apparent tumorin my lung as revealed in a pet scan.  It's a week from Monday. Hope it's sucessful.

Having been NED for two years makes this very discouraging.

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Hmmm, why the lengthy stay?  I had a lung nodule removed vats and was told it was an outpatient procedure.  Could have gone home same day but had asimultaneous abdominal surgery to remove tumor which resulted in removing a section of small bowel which  kept me in hospital to nights.  But not five.  Is there something mor involved.  Don't have any info on hotel costs though.  Good luck.

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