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Feeling good

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I just want to tell everyone that might be starting on this journey or just finishing treatment that I will be 7 months out of treatment in a few weeks and that I am finally starting get my taste back and my life is finally beginning to get back to normal('whatever that means) so hang in there and listen to your doctors and familly. 

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it is a good feeling to know that there is light at the end  of the tunnel.  Please remember to take care of yourself after the hernia surgery.  It is so easy to reach out and pick something up and oops remember that there is a limit on what you should be doing.  Enjoy your day.

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Could be the pain meds talking a little although I am only taking half of what they prescribed . But you are right there is so much I want to do but need patience, which I have never been a good student of, but am learning. Thanks teach - have a great weekend,


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to hear you are feeling better ! I am about a month ahead of you and still have a very dry mouth , and can taste a few things.


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I still have some side effects. Dry mouth is one of them. Coughing up phlegm is another . I cant taste sweets ans chocolate does ot taste good. But I have learned to adopt. It has been the last 3 or 4'weeks where I can really notice my taste buddies coming back. I truly believe you have to fake it until you make it. Good luck Peggy, keep,up the hard, good work and everything will be good.

best of luck,


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It is always good to hear the words “getting back to normal” from a fellow H&N member.  At 7 months I was welcomed back into the eating world (good bye smoothies, you were fun).

We are almost like birds learning to fly; I can eat, I can drink, I can swallow, I can taste.  It truly is the simple things in life which are important.

Roar on,


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Seems like I have been from hell and back- I have learned to like things I used to not like , and not like things I used to love. When I felt the lumps around my groin area I was sure the cancer spread and my story was written. Never really knew exactly what a hernia was, but let me tell ya, when they said that is what I have it was the best news in the world. It's a little painful but nothing compared to the radiation burns in my mouth During treatment. I am so looking forward to getting back to the gym and regain some of my strength that I can hardly wait. Gentlemen like you as we'll as the ladies in this room have given me so much inspiration to give 110% ever day. I still like my smoothies, insure and veggie shakes. Don't know if I will ever give them up.

Stay strong Matt, you are an inspiration to all of us survivors,


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Glad that things are turning around for you...

But I can't really relate to normal...

As you and all know, I'm in charge of the Abi-Normal Clan...


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nice to hear of you good progress. you words of encouragement will help many fighting the fight. 

for me after the first new normal that has lead to several (many) new normals. 

enjoy your time, every moment is special


all things are wonderful.... just different degrees of wonderful

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That's great news!  I keep saying that I'll "get back to normal one day" to which my family reminds me I was never normal to begin with :)  So glad things are going well for you!

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Great news!! Keep on improving!  Prayers to you!

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roar, so glad u r on ur way back 2 normal...lol.


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