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It's been awhile...

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Hi All,

It's been a while since I've stopped in so I thought I would give you an update on the going ons around here. We just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary and the 2nd year of diagnosis of the lung cancer. My husband is now four months with no treatment since the radiation and seven chemo drugs were unsuccssful. He has graduated to a stronger, time release pain killer and is sleeping a lot more. They also put him on muscle relaxers which is reducing the cough some but when he does cough he is coughing up quite a bit of blood. His color is changing, his extremities are very cool to the touch and he is cold most of the time. He tries to live a "normal" life but even short trips or activities exhaust him (part of the exhaustion is probably from the medications)

When he first went on the muscle relaxers and the new pain medication he was what I refer to as "sundowning". Anyone who has been around Alzheimer's patients will understand this immediately. Anyway within a few minutes of taking the sleeping pill at bedtime (muscle relaxer at 6, pain pill at 8, and sleeping pill at 9) He would be up roaming the house - looking for something, talking, eating, etc - with absolutely no memory of doing so come morning. I in fact had to record him doing this as he thought I was pranking him. :) Now that he's been on this combination of medications for about eight weeks his body has become use to it and once in a while he will talk in his sleep but now remains in bed for the night. What matters most is that he isn't having the pain he once was and he has some respite from the cough which has nagged him for 2 years.

My sister in law continues her battle with lung cancer as well. She is still receiving checmotherapy and is told the cancer is responding well. It does continue to spread and the dr continues to tell her she will be cured. she just spent two weeks in the hospital because the pain was excrutiating so she needed help getting things under control. She is an amputee (due to Berger's disease) and has become so weak she can barely get herself around, dressed, etc. My brother does the best he can but is having a really rough time with it all. He constantly asks for my help but unfortunately I have my own cancer patient to assist. I feel guilty that I cannot be of more help to him.

So, there you have it! In a nutshell the battle continues...

The best advice I would give anyone going through this battle is just keep fighting. Every moment is priceless.

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It is so difficult to read about the troubles you are having.  I can't even begin to imagine dealing with the sleep walking behavior.  When my mom had sundowning issues she would try to use the sink as a toilet or to take swings at me, probably other behaviors that I have successfully forgotten and don't want to recall.  it really burns me that you SiL's dr lies to her.  Is there any chance that you and your brother could share one of your homes so you can help each other? Would he help or expect you would do it all (my personal experience shows some sibs will take on more than others).  You might get some help from the ACS if you looked into having a volunteer come sit for a while so you can have some you time.  Please let go of any guilt you have of not helping your brother.  Your plate is rather full

What you say is true.  Each moment is priceless and those are worth fighting for. 


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