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Radiation, DONE

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31 radiation sessions later, my husband is done.  He was very lucky that he only had to have one side of the neck radiated, so his side effects were very limited.  He will go in for a scope in a month, then every 3 months for the next year.  I cannot begin to express how much you all helped me ( us) throughout this past 6 months, and will continue i'm sure for the next few yrs.  While I would like to think we are done, I know there are yrs of scopes and other appts to get through.  That is ok.....you all have taught us that.  You all were the one positive thing we learned to rely on, along with up to date information.  So again, thank you!


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Congrats to your man.....he can now kick back and heal without having to plow out the door everyday.  Do a little dance around the kitchen for us....it's a tradition... Smile 


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Glad your husband is finally done with the tx! It is always comforting to have others help us through this journey. To help us understand what is happening and what is to come....to share our issues...together. I'm fairly new to this forum also. Loved one was dx in Aug '12 for SCC BOT HPV16+ and finished tx at the end of November. Got a clean PET scan in February. Life is starting to return to normal. I honestly don't know what I would have done without these wonderful people on the forum....I'm so lucky to have found it. I stuck to everyone like glue! Now, I want to help give back and help some of the new people coming on board that are also getting this dx and are scared and need help.....I guess the cycle continues.

Glad things are looking up.

Take Care,



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Time to slather on the sunscreen or put on a “Skiffin” style hat and go outdoors.  Enjoy the summer, things do get (slowly) better.

I’ll be ringing my bell for you after I have my scrambled eggs and toast.


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YAY and congrats on finishing!!  I finished one week ago and it still is exciting :)  Wishing you all the best!!

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I do love hearing about good journeys like your husband's. My wish for you is a smooth road going forward.  Congratulations.



p.s.  This is the first I heard of a dance around the kitchen table being a tradition around here.  I'll have to be sure to pass that info on to my brother.  Cool

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