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Disability and transition back to work

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Hello friends,I live in California,Ive been off work for one year my temp disability has ran out.......my doc says Im ready for work....at times i do feel ready...but most of the time,i dont im recovering from stage 4 Patroid Cancer 33 rounds of radation,and  a Eyelid operation,because my left eye would not close...I DRIVE FOR A LIVING! is there a way to transition back part time? my job requires 60 hour work weeks......I went to social sec office,they said they never heard of a transition process for coming back to work,I got till   7 15 13 to be off......if i cant keep up with my companys schedule,,,,THEY WILL LET ME GO........IM already behind n ALL my bills.......................WHAT CAN I DO?

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That's a couple of weeks left to help build your stamina back up. I think you will be surprised at how good it feels to get back to work and something "normal". Good luck!

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Is there any way that you can kind of test yourself by getting out and taking a road trip?  This may give you an idea of what you can handle...I hope at least.  I'm not sure about a transition process either bc I'm on here for my dad who was diagnosed recently and he is retired.  I'm sure there is someone you can get in contact with to see about your options.  Do you have a human resource company at your work? Is your boss willing to work with you?  Just some suggestions... hopefully come a few more weeks you will be feeling much better!


Prayers and well wishes,



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Where you need to talk to your employer....ask if you can do 2 weeks of only 40 hours to break in to the schedule.  I know when I went back to work last October, 40 hours seemed like a lot for how I was feeling....for a few weeks I was pretty tired, but there is something to be said about getting back in the groove....I was working shift work, swings and graveyards....and that takes a toll on a weakened body...but I made it through.


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Do you have some type of a chauffeurs license or a CDL? If so, my guess with your eye issue, can you drive for a living? I would go to your local SS office and see if yoautomatically qualify for SS Disability. I did this based on my diagnosis, and was approved in less than 2 weeks. My diagnosis is Metastatic H&N to the lungs and nodes, and I am on palliative care. Have you tried to see if you qualify for long term disability with your employer?



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I represent truck drivers for a living and I would venture to say you're a road driver and your biggest concern is dispatch not allowing your easing your way back into the saddle. I would talk to them and see if they can keep you fairly close to home as you begin the transition back into driving. Stress the safety issue while assuring them your not refussing work because we know what that can lead to. I do know communication is the key here as long as you come accross the right way in telling them you'll work with them if they work with you.

Make sure you know the new hours of service rule changes that take effect July 1st.


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