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Biopsy on Wed. June 26.

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Hello everyone.  Its been a little bit since I last posted but I still check the site almost daily.  I had a kidney mass of 2cm detected in March and suspected to be RCC and its been a roller since.  I recently went to University of PA Hospital Pearlman center on June 16 and saw Dr. Guzzo.  He scheduled me for surgery on July 23 and then I received a call a few days later to have me scheduled for a biopsy on Wed. June 26.  Im curious if anyone else has had this done?  What are your thoughts on the biopsy??  


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My husband had a biopsy of his kidney tumor (also 2cm). It was ultrasound guided, was quick, and he said it wasn't too bad. I suppose with suh a small tumor it's best to be sure before they take your kidney. Best wishes to you. 

I am alive
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I had a needle biopsy before surgery to remove metastasis and it was a piece of cake. No worries. it's just that all of this is so terrifying in the beginning. They tell you so matter of factly what might go wrong (if you're brave enough to ask) and you're like "WHAT???? WHAT?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"  Odds are with your size tumor you'll be done and done come  surgery in July. UPenn's a great place. I had my nephrectomy there. Good luck!


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Hi Rich,

I can't comment on the biopsy because I have no experience there. I just want to wish you all the best for the 26th, will be thinking of you.


Djinnie x

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I had my biopsy a few weeks ago and it wasnt that bad. it started out to be done with ultrasound but it ended up being ct guided. i had that "twilight sleep", i was there talking to the nurses but not fully awake.  it made me feel better knowing that it was defn cancer and that it needed to come out.  . Its not that bad just laying around for 4 hours was the hardest on me. Good Luck tomorrow Smile



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My biopsies, times 2, were done by going down my throat and then out to some lymph nodes in my chest. Zero issues. Just had to recover from being lulu from anesthesia. Never even felt anything after.

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Thanks everyone for the reassurance.  Tomorrow I get the biopsy.  Looking forward to some kind of resolve.  Felt like my life stopped for a while and tried to act as if all is well for my wife and kids but this is always on my mind.  I read the posts daily and feel like mine is almost a non issue compared to what most here have gone through.  I found out only about 6 weeks ago of an uncle and cousin who had RCC and was a little taken by surprise.  I know cancer runs in the family but never expected this.  Well thanks for all the replies!!


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