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To start targeted radiation

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And same chemo given every other month..radiation to start next week everyday foa a few weeks. There is still one 2cmTry tumor left inthe pelvic region. Can't wait for this to be over. I never had radiation before.they say it isn't painful,but has side effects. I am ready..bring it on.Feeling good other wise.Enjoy the first day of summer. Stay strong...Val 



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You've got one heck of a positive attitude.....love that about you!!

Don't know if you're having internal or external radiation.  I had external, 33 sessions as had one lymph node test positive for cancer after my original diagnosis '09.  My take on radation, it was more difficult for me from standpoint of intestinal/GI issues.  Lucky for me I worked from home and had quick access to the bathroom...if catching my drift!!  

Today some 4 yrs since end of all treatments do have long-term sideaffects.  Just need to watch what I put in my mouth as too many raw foods cause cramping, plus other things.  I realize this is simply a part of treatments, no sweat~.

Yes....bring it on~~



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And we'll have one awesome party when you're finished with the chemo and radiation!  I don't have any experience with radiation but please know that I'm sending lots of prayers and good wishes that you have minimal side-effects.

Big hugs,


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I have been thinking of you and how far you have come since your beginning with round 3! As I begin my Round 3 I hope I do half as well as you! You go girl!

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And this sounds like an aggressive plan, just right for a fiesty woman with a big will to live!  I'm sending you strong, healthy thoughts!

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I admire how strong and positive you are. I hope radiation kicks this tumor's a$$.

Feel better - many hugs,


Rosamond M
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Dear Val

You are a lady of strength and spirit.The determination you show in facing this situation shows what an impressive lady you are.

Best wishes and my thoughts will be with you, make sure you keep in touch when you can.    


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Hoping the side effects won't be too nasty.  You're a true inspiration, Val.  Love, Hugs & Prayers!



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I believe attitude is at least half the battle. It looks like you have what it takes to take it on. 

You stay strong too - 


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Glad to be done
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Best of luck val...

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I've never had radiation either, but will be thinking of you. Go get em, girl.

                                                                    ((((((((HUGS)))))))))   Maria

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