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Yesterday I was able to send my records and talk with the new onco

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The doctor seems nice. He is willing to see if he can help . He asked me what I had for treatment for this I told him  surgery chemo and rads. He asked if I had taken a multi vit I said yes through rads I should not have . With what he said I basically got no benifit from it . It got me pissed but oh well life goes on.

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Glad you like the dr..



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Best wishes in your new home and good luck with your new oncologist.



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Sorry you didn't like your new doctor.  Did you see him in person or talk over the phone?  Don't be shy, express yourself and let him know that you would like someone a bit more aggressive in helping you and can he?

Sue :(

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My suggestion -- go  back in for review -- have questions you may want answers on -- and allow the Doctor to asset  your case.  If you have concerns -- explain them to your doctor.


Good luck and don't give up.


Vicki Sam

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I am happy you got to meet your new doctor but it isn't good that you got nowhere with him.  Is he the one in Tennesse?


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