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OT-just had a fire and a cancer based vent

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The gas line caught on fire because the cable company wrapped the cable around the meter Which caused static electricity. Why does drama always happen around my mother's scans when the stress level is already up there? Why can't we have just one freakin calm summer? My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the summer ? stress on top of stress. It never seems to end. My coping mechanisms ended with the word CANCER! 

Okay I feel better! Did I mention that the gas line is beside our bedroom?

I lied I do not feel better. Every moment of every day is wrapped around cancer. My parents are older and my mom has chemo brain. My sister doesn't want to leave town because she doesn't want to leave my parents alone. 

I can't get to my parents in another state to relieve her. I would never do it, but I understand how people can say screw it and just go smoke weed on a beach for the rest of their lives. Just being overwhelmed 90 percent of the time is reason enough. 

Did I mention that my brother does nothing to help. We go to the hospital and he goes to Jamaica. I haven't taken anytime off work that didn't involve going to help with my parents since before May 2010.


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I'm sorry for your troubles.   I hope you mom's scans are good and the stress is lifted a bit.  Hang in there.

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I hear you! Go right ahead and scream. I'll be beside you. I hope the fire didn't do any serious damage.

I've come to the realization that lots of folks have all kinds of KRAP & disasters in their lives. I just think some people cope better than others, whether it be from their faith, personality, maturity, etc.  Some can just take everyting in stride. For some of us that seem to have no "breather", it seems a little harder. The older I get, the less pleasure I expect from life. I don't think it's supposed to be that way, but as Buzz said "It is what it is."

Life, in general, is a lot like cancer. It's always waiting there to knock you down a few pegs. The trick is to climb back up. I haven't mastered that trick yet. Maybe I never will, but I'm going to keep trying.

Luv Ya,


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I was just saying the other day to my husband "WHY can't we get a few months in a row that are calm, with no drama?".  Seems like there is always something going on, and a lot of the time, it's not fun stuff.  

I'm sorry there's so much crap coming all at once for you and your family.  It sound pretty overwhelming, and I hope things settle down soon.'Is there anyway you can get your bro to help more, or is that a lost cause?

Hugs to you~AA

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Brother is a selfish idiot and let us just keep real.

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