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Let's start with the awesome news first....

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Drumroll...my liver function tests (which were improved and nearly normal 3 weeks ago) are now all completely within normal limits.  This is the very first time since February! 

I should have a PET scan shortly, but I believe in my heart my chemo is melting those 231 liver lesions.  Appetite and nausea are slowly improving.

Bad (but not terrible) news...my white blood count was 1.1 today.  I kind of knew that because, when it gets low, I have ~99.6 temp, diarrhea, aches and feel weak.  I will stay in my bubble until neulasta hopefully kicks back in.

Just had to share.  Keep your fingers crossed for good PET Smile.

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W O N D E R F U L ! ! !

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Glad to hear you are doing better!!! Nice to hear the good news as well!!! I also have liver cysts and lesions but not big enough to be charaterized they said so I am not being treated for them. I started drinking water with Essiac tea in it...thats good for the liver.

Keep posting.....you're a true survivor!!!



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This happy dance is for you.  No pics of it because I am rhythmically challenged.  But you can believe I'm dancing for you.


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I am glad that you have some positive news and to share with us. I don't always respond with you because I really can't relat to what you are going throughi, so instead of saying something stupid, I don't repsond. That doesn't mean I am not thinking about you and everyone else here.

I hope your premintion is right and you are losing lesions!!1

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Double Whammy
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I'm so happy for this news, Eileen.  It's so positive.  Seems to me that if your liver is now busy functioning normally, those lesions are definitely either gone or not causing any havoc.  and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! 

Hope the white cells recover and don't cause too much discomfort and you can begin to continue this treatment with new enthusiasm because it's working!


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I am delighted with your news.  Normal what a lovely word!

Way to go.




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Great news, I hope your neulasta starts to work soon. In the meanwhile try to remain in your bubble.



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Congratulations! I am keeping everything crossed for PET scan. Good luck!


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Hope everthing continues to improve for you.  Eat something naughty to celebrate.

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What great news!!!  I'm sure the guy who actually counted all 231 will be relieved as well.  I hope he only has to count to zero next time. Let all those nasty lesions melt away!  

My fingers are crossed for a good PET.



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I love Drumrolls



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CC ... GREAT  news!   Doing my Hap Hap Happy Dance !   Prayers continuing dear one.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam 

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Christmas Girl
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Yay! Will certainly HOPE for great scan results.

Kind regards, Susan

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Good to hear good news. 

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Hoot Owl
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Congratulations!!!!  Keeping you in prayer!


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