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Hi guys,

 I haven't been posting often because we are in the process of moving and it is very overwhelming. We have lived in Yakima for 34 years, so relocating to the river is a huge move for us. We found our cabin/cottage in the woods and will be moved in by July 15th. We've had a big yard sale and now we are going through stuff to give to the kids. My dream of living on the river back in the woods is finally happening, so please forgive me until we can settled if my posting is sporatic. I'm meeting myself coming and going it seems, but it's all good. I'll post pictures next month after we get moved in and everything hooked up. We were going to build, but instead found a sweeter deal with a place that was built in 2010. My heart is heavy with the news of Beth, but it also makes me realize how important it is to live everyday to the fullest, and go for our dreams when possible. I promise to check in and I'll keep try to do better with posting. Much love to you all!  Sue

(Follicular NHL-stg3-typA-grd2-dx June 2010-age 62) In remission.

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I have been wondering but didn't want to panic, so glad I didn't bother you.  You are right Sue, we have to go on with our lives.  Anyone of us would want that  for each other.  I am sure Beth would be happy for you.  To reach a goal of simple and peaceful, to me is high up on the scale.  My very best to you and looking forward to the pictures.  Becky

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I have been wondering about you. I thought maybe you were mad at us. Smile  Actually, I did remember you talking about your husband retiring and a vacation. Moving. . .wow. That is major. We have lived in our home for 18 years. When we moved here, I said I hope I never have to move again. And unless we suddenly come upon major sums of money, I probably won't.

You are busy! A yard sale and giving stuff to the kids sounds great, though. I would love to get rid of some of the "stuff" we have accumulated.

I am very happy for you. Your dream home, a cottage by the river, in the woods, with a clean slate and no clutter. Sounds dreamy. I look forward to seeing pics.

Don't wear yourself out too much. 




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Congrats on finding your place! Moving stinks though, even when you're feeling 100%. I pray it all goes smoothly for you, will be praying for that! My half sister's half brother (we share the same dad, she shares the same mom with him lol) lives in Yakima, I'm not sure how big of an area that is but it would be funny if you knew him :)

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Hi...Whats his name...ya never know...I might know him! Smile Love...Sue


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Have the shingles cleared up - hope so?  I'm glad you're getting to achieve your retirement plans and it sounds wonderful.

Moving is always a pain.  Everytime I move:

1. I break something.

2. I lose something.

3. I find something I "lost" from a previous move.

4. I usually get sidetracked finding something I totally forgot about and take a leisurely trip down memory lane.

5. I get to my new place and ..."Where did I pack the toilet paper? " ;).

I look forward to pics and lots of fish too :).

Hugs - Jim

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Congratulations on finding your house in the woods...hope you get settled in soon and can rest and relax...

We will all be thinking about you



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Hi Sue,

You're so right about having to move on and living life with all its ups and downs ")

Your dream about moving to a cottage next to a river (man I think that just sounds like my dream too) maybe one day '') 

Beth's news really surprised me, I still can't believe it! We just have to live each day to the fullest, I think all of us here really get that cause you just never know :/

Take care Sweet sweet lady and keep us posted on how things go in this new phase of your life! ((( Hugs)))



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I am SO happy for you that you are moving to the river and the woods!  Your dream!  That is so great.  A lot of work for sure, but it'll all be worth it!  Will you still see your beautiful grand daughter as often?  Hope so!


I'm still so sad about Beth.  That was shocking.  But as you and others have said, we have to make it all count!  Live in the moment and don't waste any of it. 

God bless- on your move and on everything.  Keep us posted as you can!




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Hi Donna,

  Yes...we will see Lizzie and all of the other kids and grandkids quite often. It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive from the river and we will always have a place to stay when we come to town. Both of our sons have spare rooms, and it will be the same when they all come down to see us....plenty of room...3 bedrooms 2 baths, etc. I'm keeping my doctors here and our banking, plus we plan to do our big Costco shopping twice a month in Yakima, so we will make the rounds seeing everyone on each trip. I still get my port flushed at the clinic once a month, so forsure we will make it home for that, along with my check-ups and blood draws. We've got the whole house packed up and ready to go and will head out with the U-Haul on July 4th. Both of our sons and our 21 year old grandson will be helping with the move, so that will be a huge help. I'll probably be without internet, phone and t.v for a few days after we get there, but as soon as it's hooked back up I'll let you all know. I know what you mean about Beth....I still feel sad everytime I think about it. I hope we hear from Maggie soon...she's been on my mind also. Take care Donna and I'll stay in touch. Love...Sue

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